REAL Rapture Now Set For October 21, Loon Claims

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It's been a tough week or so for Harold Camping. The California preacher predicted, and warned of, with great fanfare, the end of the world May 21. FAIL.

Obviously, no cataclysmic event took place (although a jockey named Jesus did ride Shackleford to victory in the Preakness). So what's the deal, Harry?

Camping's reaction to this has been closely watched, and he apologized Monday for not having the dates "worked out as accurately as I could have."

BUT, he says, he was only partially wrong. Why?

Chatting with a friend over what he acknowledged was a rough weekend, it dawned on him that instead of the biblical Rapture in which the faithful would be swept up to the heavens, May 21 had instead been a "spiritual" Judgment Day.

May 21 was simply when everyone was judged by God, he said.

The world will be completely destroyed October 21 when the REAL apocalypse comes, he says. So consider yourself warned. Luckily, since God's judgment went down last Saturday, we're all screwed anyway, so he'll be quiet now.

Sigh. What do you think? Is 10/21/11 doomsday?

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