Lindsay Lohan: Hangin' Out, Smokin' in Miami

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Kicking back and enjoying the view while wearing black and white stripes - voluntarily for a change - Lindsay Lohan was spotted in Miami, Fla., Sunday.

The train wreck was sentenced to 480 hours of community service and 180 days' house arrest consecutively, which she appealed, earlier this month.

Pending the appeal, Lohan is ankle-monitor-less, and put her freedom to good use at a bigtime photo shoot on the roof of a Miami hotel this weekend.

For what publication? We have no idea. But check out these Lohan pics!

  • Lindsay Lohan's Boobs
  • Lindsay Lohan is SMOKIN'

HEL-LO: Lindsay Lohan is working hard. Ahem. Her eyes are up here.

[Photos: Fame Pictures]

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Yeah, great two pieces of silicone. Anyone can buy them, you know. They don't really make Lindsay special.


Say what you will about Lindsay Lohan, she has some great boobs.


wow insanity mhmhmhmhmhm what hollywood and fame can do to u


Sooo sowie....lindsay