Lady Gaga Ziplines, Performs on Good Morning America

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Lady Gaga continued her Born This Way media bonanza by kicking off Good Morning America’s summer concert series today, live from New York's Central Park.

As evidenced by seeing Gaga on American Idol (and Letterman, and The View, and about every other show), she always goes all-out, never once phoning it in.

With Cruella DeVil hair and a red-riding hood ensemble (or something) the caped crusader for all things fierce ziplined (seriously) over the crowd to the rescue.

All in all, standard fare for the Mother Monster, a.k.a. the Hardest Working Woman in Showbiz. Watch her entrance, then one of her songs after the jump ...


@chocolatedroppe-see, the thing is everybody keeps saying shes talented musically and she said she would elevate pop music intellectual standards.both of which i have seen yet happen with her.if she focused more on the craft of songwriting then worrying about her costumes then maybe i would respect her more.theres plenty of woman songwriters and performers out there, there just not playing in their underwear to get respect.

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Whether you like her or not, she is a force to be reckoned with. She's a talented singer, musician, writer, and creative artist that always give her fans 110% in her performances.My daughter Destiny is one of her biggest fans.


Distract them from your bad songs with specticle...sigh pop music..


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Lady GaGa in Concert
Lady GaGa is a musician songwriter, penning songs for pop acts such as the Pussycat Dolls. Lady GaGa is an up and coming solo artist,... More »
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