Lady Gaga Album Sales: Huge!

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This just in: folks love Lady Gaga!

The artist is poised to become the first singer to sell over one million copies of an album in a week since Taylor Swift pulled off that feat last fall.

Indeed, when the Billboard 200 comes out this week, industry insiders expect the eccentric artist's "Born This Way" to have broken the 1.15 million mark, partly thanks to a promotion ran by Amazon last week when it sold the CD for 99 cents over two days.

Lady Gaga on GMA

How much will Gaga blow away the competition by?

Brad Paisley’s “This Is Country Music” is expected to sit in second place, with sales of around 155,000.

Watch Lady Gaga in action now via our set of videos from her recent Good Morning America appearance. She's a zip-lining, fun-loving talent, that's for certain!



lady gaga ,her videos are fun to watch,as long as your drinking piss than coke.


well LOL. sorry, man. truly sorry. I just highly sensitive when someone talk about the comparison-shit between gaga and madonna. Sorry if it's too much :)


Love u gaga album is awesome like your old ones that I still listen too!!!!!! Cant stop listening to judas and bloody mary!!!!!!! Love all your shit!!!!!!! U deserve all yur awesome album sales!!!!!


Gaga is Simply the best


OMG Simon, a little anger management can do you some good. I can see you love Gaga and that great for you but your comments to others were a little bit much don't you think?? You can state your opinion but don't have to use that kind of language if it's not appropriate. Take a chill pill dude!!


Madonna is a legend britney spears a legend? that is hilarious. A legend has talent and important awards. Madonna doesnt have a strong voice but she has talent she is an icon. Britney has not reinvented herself. She hasn't even tried. A she a 12 year old career that consist of just a dance grammy where's her album song or vocal grammy. A legend doesnt lipsynch and make no musical progression. Her last album was generic just like everything else about her career. If britney is a legend gaga can sell 1 mil. EPIC FAIL.


@suz : sorry bitch. Queen of what? watch your muffin saying!
The melody has been on disco culture for 40 years, it's not her fault picking it up and recreate it IN BETTER AND (STILL) GENIUS WAY.
at least, the album is not following trending-cheesy genre of music todays which are all about get fuck or drunk with stupid and monotone sound like MOST OF TODAY SONGS.
whatever your stupid cunt says, for me it's still a genius album.
Start your own career in music, and let's see if you can do better than GAGA, little miss silicone!


@Simon....The Queen of Copy Cats, apparently! She's ripping off Madonna, you're ripping off Charlie Sheen. Actually, I don't mind Lady Gaga, it's just that Simon's comment was begging for that dig.. Gaga's songs are pretty good, but to call them genius is delusional on a grand scale. For 99c per album Miley frigging Cyrus would be the top of the charts. And no, I don't really mind Miley Cyrus either. Live and let live.


i dont really think its fair by selling her albums at 99 cents...sales record are easily broken like this, there wont be a real legend like britney or madonna in the future,next time as long as yr voice is good, and u sell yr album cheap, you would hold the record. then the glory of holding the record wont be there anymore


@Lara: fall off the chart uh? Let's see, bitch. I guarantee that you haven't listen the whole album yet or may be you have a prettydumb taste of music,troll! The album content is hilarious. Gaga is at high genius level. Remember this: GAGA QUEEN. YOU TROLL.

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