Kate Middleton and Prince William: Coming to America!

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Prince William and Kate Middleton got married last week. Maybe you heard.

The newlyweds are not taking a honeymoon anytime soon (good for them), but luckily for us, they are planning a trip to America this summer!

Kate and William will visit California from July 8-10, though their exact itinerary is not public. Prince William has visited the U.S. privately before.

The newly-minted Duchess of Cambridge has never before visited America. The excursion will follow their visit to Canada from June 30-July 8.

The Morning After

William and Kate the day after the Royal Wedding.

We can't wait. No word if Prince Harry and Chelsey Davy and/or Pippa Middleton and Alex Loudon will also be visiting the states anytime soon.

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I think it will be great to have them here in America. I wish they were going to visit some other states along the way. Their wedding allowed us a break from all the war, and death, and general bad news to celebrate the good in life. Love, family, and weddings. They hardly ever get reported compared to all the hate, crime and divorce the media loves to talk about. The story of a prince and princess falling in love sounds like a nice break from all that. So I for one, welcome the couple and wish them all the best!


Come to Texas


As a native Los Angeleno, I wish they'd stay away and leave us in peace. They will make traffic worse for three days. We have enough celebrities here. Go visit somewhere else.


god for them to visit america


They (the English) are just jealous because we Americans have good teeth and they unfortunately don't! Lol, maybe they should ask the queen to mandate that fluoride be put in Englands tap water!!


To :Rjnstn...fyi its a known fact that the English have a poor opinion of us Americans they look down on us as a wasteful, lazy country. But they forget that our ancestors came from England. My good friend visited England last year and said the anti American attitude was stronger than ever. She was in line waiting to go into a club and there was a beautiful tree in front of the club that everyone was commenting on, and two English men behind her made a comment if the tree was in America the Americans would of cut it down just for the joy of hearing the saw...my friend then replied that she was American and she would in no way find joy in cutting that pretty tree...the men quite embarrassed then replied that it was just their luck that an American would be standing there. I too am a fan of William and Kate but dislike the English snubbing us Americans they are no better and they forget alot of us share the same ancestors!


A lot of Americans don't realize that most English don't like us over here; they like our tourist $$$ though, you can be sure. Don't know how you justify the millions of dollars the country spent on security, etc. for that lavish wedding when they were already living together; just go off and get married quietly.


Wow speak for yourselves idiots, not every american hates them. Why would i hate them? They seem like generous people and its not their fault the media made such a big deal out of their wedding. I like them and wouldnt mind having them come here, but i just hope the media does not eat them alive.


you're all idiots. the american media care about the royals not americans, not brits (including me)it's your media that makes the royals look like a circus act, that is something that pisses me off. leave the world alone in peace and go have a 'burger and fries yall' later yanks


Hannah are u stupid or something. Having them coming to America is going to make this country look bad. 89% people in this country don't even like them mostly Will's father and grandmother. what other royel family makes a big deal out of getting married none of them unless its one of these dumb ukfucks