Alex Loudon: Pippa Middleton Boyfriend, Certified Hunk!

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Pippa Middleton may not be married to a prince like her sister Kate, but she is in a relationship, and her boyfriend, Alex Loudon, is apparently quite a catch.

During the royal wedding of Prince William and Kate Middleton, her little sis Pippa became a tabloid favorite thanks to her lovely dress, smile and derriére.

Lots of people seem to Pippa and Prince Harry should get together, but he's dating Chelsy Davy, and Her Royal Hotness already has a boyfriend of her own.

The lucky guy? Former cricket star turned businessman Alex Loudon, everyone!

Pippa Middleton Picture
Alex Loudon Picture

Alex Loudon is actually a friend of Prince William’s from Eton, the most prestigious boys’ school in the UK, where he was “President of Pop” or captain of his house.

Thirty-year-old Alex, the son of an industrialist, later studied at Durham University. He works as a stockbroker in London after retiring from cricket in 2007.

During his pro career, he was nicknamed “Noisy,” “Minor,” “A-Lo,” and “Minotaur.” Really.

Although they’ve only been dating a year, Alex and Pippa are very serious. They “virtually live together” in London and often visit his family’s home in Kent.

He even sat in the front row at Kate and William’s wedding. Sounds like it may not be too long before another beautiful Middleton is walked down the aisle ...





I love hearing about the lives of the beautiful middleton sisters aka Pippa and the Duchess of Cambridge, as long as it's something true and something good..not lies or racy things that are innapropriate and embarassing..ppl need to give them a little privacy


Shania - "The media does not report on real issues anymore all they write about is tabloid crap." You do realize you're commenting on what's basically a "tabloid" site. LOL


Pippa is very average looking and so is her boyfriend. The media is trying to make a big deal out of Pippa because they can't think of anything else to write about. The media does not report on real issues anymore all they write about is tabloid crap. So now we're goinag to be force fed crap about Pippa for now on. Who gives a shit? She's Kate's sister and that's all. She is a nobody on her own merit.


Believe me Alex is quite a hunk/hottie & they make a striking couple as I saw them on Sunday 1st May in our local Waitrose store shopping together! He is quite a hunk, tall, dark, handsome & Pippa looked very pretty. I wouldn't say he is a player when I saw them together! Caused quite a stir in the supermarket I can tell you, everyone was so twitchy & just wanted to see them!


Why are people so superficial and negative, and critical, the middleton family are all great to look at, pippa and kate are natural beauties, not airbrushed dollies , such mean gossips on this site.


Whatever! He's a hottie! And certainly better looking than ginger-child Harry!


Missing the 'hunk' here. Is he behind the guy in the photo? :P


He's a player - look in his eyes and the crook of his smile. She's an innocent compared to him.


maybe thats a bad picture cuz he is not "hunk" material.

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