Justin Bieber Swears: I'm Goin' to Japan!

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Despite his crew staging a mini-revolt and refusing to go to Japan due to earthquake and radiation fears, Justin Bieber is adamant that he'll be there.

The singer is scheduled to perform in Osaka and Tokyo later this month, but many of Bieber's crew members boycotting the trip after the nuclear disaster.

As a result, the May 17 and 19 shows are in limbo as of right now.

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While he hasn't weighed in publicly on the feud between the crew and his manager, Scooter Braun, JB has reportedly decided that he's going, period.

If Bieber doesn't have the crew to pull off stadium concerts, he's willing to sing at smaller venues. Anything, sources say, not to let down his fans.

Not sure how he's gonna pull that off logistically on almost zero notice, but that's dedication to the cause, people. Sometimes you just gotta Belieb!


also, ingesting radioactive isotopes is totally different from a plane flight because ingestion becomes **internal** ionizing radiation, which continues to cause serious damage to your cells... In Japan (or the West Coast) now, there is enough radiation that you could possibly ingest dangerous particles by breathing, drinking, or eating them. Unfortunately, the thin paper masks won't filter the isotopes. :( Reverse osmosis w/ ion water filtration, along with HEPA air filters are a better bet...Just protect your thyroid. Fukushima is much worse than Chernobyl in terms of radioactive fuel load. And 4 (FOUR!) reactors out of control--not just one.
Good luck to all! ~


I think that is noble of Justin to want to give SUPPORT for the people of Japan-I respect his character.


Just wanted to let all of you know that Japan is totally safe. and he would probably get more radiation touring the world on an airplane than he would coming to japan. he isnt gonna get cancer or anything. his crew members dont know any of the information. and its kinda funny that they think their gonna get cancer when theyve been spending the last like 2 months on an airplane. if they get cancer its probably gonna be because of that not because they came to japan. and also even when the radiation levels were at its highest tokyo had less radiation than there is in colorado. and tokyo and osaka are both very far away from fukushima where the nuclear power plants are. there is absolutely nothing to worry about. Ive been in japan this whole entire time since the earithquake and if i dont have any symptons of too much radiation there is no way that they are gonna have any since theyre only gonna be here for 2 or 3 days a week max.


Well it can't get any worse for Justin Bieber,he has already shared the stage with the woman beater-Chris Brown.so I guess a little radiation wouldn't hurt.


He should stop trying to be a hero becuz if he goes to japn Hes gonna get radiation & will end up with cancer & then there will be a ton crying tweens.


That is actually really awesome of him -- neither Tokyo or Osaka are unsafe to be in, which every expert in the field has attested to.


Where is justin bebier


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