Jeff Conaway Passes Away at 60

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Grease star Jeff Conaway has died. The actor was 60 years old.

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    The pain is gone, He is in a better place now.! RIP



    While I understand what you are saying, your point is flawed. The AMA has long classified addiction as a disease. It is not up in the air for debate. It's not a matter of opinion. It is a fact. If it were not, insurance companies, who are loathe to pay any claim they can get out of on a "loophole', would not provide coverage for substance abuse treatment, medications and rehabilitation. This is not a "contest" of diseases and you show a total lack of understanding of the complexities of addiction by suggesting it is somehow less of a disease because all you have to do is "just say no." Your analysis is based on moral judgement rather than medical fact.


    RIP Jeff. My favorite line from Grease "A hickie from Kanecki is like a Hallmark Card". I hope he's finds peace & can rest now, not in pain.


    The initial reports of an overdose were wrong. His coma was medicaly induced. He died of complications of pneumonia (sepsis being the largest part of it). He was still using at the time but he did not overdose. Sadly the drugs did however play a part in his death, as he was high most of the time he never realized how ill he was and did not seek medical help until it was to late. He simply never felt the way most of us would have (in agony!) because his senses were dulled by the drugs, strong pain meds being his drug of choice. That said, R.I.P Jeff Conway, and my thoughts and prayers to his friends and family.


    Cynthiadon is an obvious scam. I hope nobody responds to that tonight or ever. Can't even speak English...Trouble over there...


    "What's up Orange County???" Was very sensitive of you to fit your plug in there....twice! I hope nobody goes to it. A-hole.


    Rest in Peace, Riposa in Pace. Jeff Conway certainly made us dream in Grease with his macho but yet sensitve attitude and in Taxi, oh how we wished that the taxi driver we had looked like him. he will be missed and never forgotten.....


    Hey Scott- let's not be nieve. A survivor??? Come on. He's dead. A tragic example that people that do not seek help do not survive. The dead are not examples of survival. Better yet.. He's an example of why nobody should choose this path to begin with. Starts out as using casually and then is so much bigger than you are. As always, common sense rules. Don't start.


    Christine, "Do not judge, lest ye be judged." Money is no cure for addiction. In some cases it can even be a hindrance. The real question is, "What's going on with you that you feel the need to judge and belittle a man who lost his battle with addiction and, in doing so, suffered considerably?" Your comment speaks volumes about you, not Mr. Conaway. May Jeff Rest In Peace and find the serenity that so eluded him during the latter part of his journey on Earth.


    I will miss Jeff Conway but when I see Grease I will always think of him Rip Mr Conway you didn't need to waste yourself on drugs but Bon voyage My favorite actor and My condolences to his family

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