Jared Lee Loughner Deemed Incompetent to Stand Trial, Restrained After Courtroom Outburst

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The man accused of six murders and nearly killing U.S. Rep. Gabrielle Giffords in Arizona is not mentally fit to stand trial, a judge ruled Wednesday.

U.S. Marshals dragged Jared Lee Loughner out of the courtroom because of an angry outburst as family members of the victims looked on in court.

The clearly disturbed Loughner lowered his head, raised it and said what sounded like "Thank you for the freak show. She died in front of me."

His words were loud but mumbled, and it wasn't clear who he was talking about. He wore a khaki prison suit and sported bushy, red sideburns.

Jared Lee Loughner Mug Shot

U.S. District Judge Larry Burns' decision means the 21-year-old will be sent to a federal facility for up to four months in a bid to restore his competency.

The ruling came after Loughner spent five weeks at a federal facility in Springfield, Mo., examined by court-appointed mental health professionals.

Throughout March and April, the two were asked to determine whether or not Loughner understands the consequences of the case against him.

Apparently he does not, but the competency reports by psychologist Christina Pietz and psychiatrist Matthew Carroll haven't been publicly released.

Loughner has pleaded not guilty to 49 federal charges stemming from the January 8 shooting at a meet-and-greet event that wounded Giffords and 12 others and killed six people, including a 9-year-old girl and a federal judge.

After the outburst, marshals standing behind Loughner's chair grabbed him by each arm and led him out. Loughner's father, sitting a few rows behind his son, lowered his eyes and huddled with two women seated next to him.


Mentally incompetent- didn't he write on his blog to his friends the night before "Please don't hate me?" This indicates he knew what he was doing was wrong. Way to play the system- we need to go back to the eye for an eye- serial killers should get the death penalty!


I think this would be a good time to bring back hanging ans hang his sorry ass in the parking lot where he killed those people.But lets put a scarf around his neck like we did sudom so he dies slow and painfull.Incomptant my ass.


wow he sure fooled the system, he knew what the hell he was doing..I say fry his ass!!!!~!


He looks like he could be the son of the Rapture guy.


Reliable sources say that he muttered his announcement for his candidacy for President. He will be bringing back the Whig party, as in "flipped his..."


Giffords's hubby should have taken him up in the space shuttle, carved the names of his victims into his sorry-ass flesh and thrown the loon ball insane-head first into the nearest meteor. Evil is evil, mental incompetance notwithstanding.