Kris Humphries: Shirtless in GQ!

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It's the major gossip story of the day: Kim Kardashian has agreed to marry Kris Humphries.

We know what three things the latter sees in the former - two are in the chest region and the other resides in her bank account - but why is Kim marrying this New Jersey News power forward?

GQ offers up a few sexy answers in its latest issue. To wit:

Kris Humphries in GQ
Kris Humphries Shirtless

The 26-year-old fiance of Kim Kardashian, and future reality star, models clothing by Stone Island at Bloomingdale’s and glasses by Dolce & Gabbana in the issue that features Alexander Skarsgard on the front.

Drool over him now and then sound off: How long will his marriage to Kim last?


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