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With infectious charisma to match his talent, Pittsburgh Steelers wide receiver Hines Ward was named the winner of Dancing With the Stars last night.

How does that compare to being the MVP of Super Bowl XLI? What was his favorite part of the experience? What was the most difficult part?

Ward offered thoughts on that and much more to the L.A. Times:

On his faith in Kym Johnson, despite her injured neck: “I knew Kym was gonna try to do all that she could to win for us, for me. I felt good. I don’t have any problems with my hands and I knew I could hold her up with lifts and not let her fall.”

“I mean, I use my hands for a living. If you remember, when Kym got injured she was not in the air. She was already on the ground. So I felt OK with lifting her, ’cause I had no plans to ever let her fall. And I felt good doing them with her.”

On where he’ll put the Mirror Ball: “I have a place in my trophy case with my Super Bowl MVP trophy, between my two Lombardis. It’s gonna look nice.”

On how this compares to winning the Super Bowl: “I don’t think you can really compare the two. They are equally important to me. They mean different things. Winning the Super Bowl symbolized being the best in my profession.”

“That, along with winning the Super Bowl MVP is the ultimate goal both individually and as a team. It says we are good at what we do as professionals. Winning the mirror ball trophy symbolizes overcoming my fear of the unknown.”

“It says that I was able to excel at something I knew nothing about, to rise above difficulty and take risks. Both prove hard work pays off. Both are special.”

On what he’ll miss most, besides Kym: “Definitely all the friends I made at the show. I will miss Kym for sure and I will miss all the fun we had, all of us celebs and pro dancers. Doing the show was amazing and I had a blast.”

“I am glad I got the chance to do it and am grateful to my marketing team for getting me the opportunity and to DWTS for giving me the opportunity.”

On his many fans: “I want to thank them for all their support, for sticking with me and believing in me. I had never danced before and so this wasn’t easy. So thank you for all the love and for voting for Kym and me all these weeks. I love you guys.”

What do you think? Did Hines deserve to win?