Do Any Teen Mom Stars NOT Suck at Parenting?

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The stars of MTV's Teen Mom are basically a case study in why people should think before becoming parents. It's not all it's cracked up to be, is it?

At the very least, there are pitfalls as well as joys. Most of the ladies know this all too well, with family feuds and even arrest records to prove it.

But through it all, they do their best. Well, mostly. Jenelle is a mess.

So, THG ponders, which Teen Mom star is actually the BEST mom, fighting through adversity and shining bright? Let's break down the candidates:

Teen Montage

Amber Portwood: Leah's mom must stand trial for felony neglect of a dependent and domestic battery. She was also in a recent nude photo scandal.

Catelynn Lowell: She gave up her baby for adoption, but she and her boyfriend / stepbrother still have a relationship with the child and its parents.

Chelsea Houska: Chelsea's devoted dad provides for his Aubree's every need. Chelsea herself? Mmmyeah not so much. Three letters, girl. GED.

Farrah Abraham: Despite adversity - losing Sophia's father in a car crash, feuds with his family and her own mom - Farrah goes hard. Respect.

Jenelle Evans: A courthouse mainstay even before she
beat the crap out of Britany Truett, there's no way Jenelle deserves a single vote below.

Kailyn Lowry: Working two jobs while going to college, while sharing custody of son with her ex, Jo, Kailyn is bustin' her butt for lil' baby Isaac.

Leah Messer: While she and Corey Simms are divorcing, Leah seems devoted to twins Aliannah, who has a developmental disorder, and Aleeah.

Maci Bookout: Always assured and independent, Maci has had her share of relationship woes, but always raises Bentley with a lot of maturity.

You tell us: Which Teen Mom star is the best parent?


Well, Farrah dumped Sophia on her mom, now.
Maci's been caught doing beer bongs at Spring Break and got a boob job. I say Kailyn. Or Catelynn. One is working her ass off to make her life better for her child, and trying to hold herself together in the process, the other realized she wasn't in the right place to raise a child and chose to give her up for adoption.

@ K

Just because Maci played Beer Pong and went to spring break doesn't make her a bad mother. She spends plenty of time with Bentley and raises him well, if she gives herself some well deserved time off to have fun, so what?
And she had a boob job. So what? Having new big boobs does not affect your ability to mother. Just sayin'


I say Kailyn because she's going 2 college, good for her and Isaac, the whole custody thing wasn't much of a fight, and most of all she lovessssssssssssssssss Isaac


this page needs too update bexause chelsea has a job now n she is a great mom! i think amber n jenelle are both hot messes! farrahs good but needs to cotrol her temper! i strongly belueve that kailyn n maci bringing a new guy soquick around there babys is not a good thing no matter how "in love" u are! catelyn does not have her baby but is doing good!


Hi every one Maci is the best. But so is catelynn because, she did the most hardest thing and shelfless thing I support these to girls all the way!


Kailyn is terrible all she cares about is other guys and disrespecting her kids dad. Dumb skank grow up. Put you baby first. In her free time from school and work she is out with guys not her kid definition of selfish


I got hooked since TEEN MOM started. In the first one I say that Maci was the best mom out of all...I'm not saying the rest of the girls werent but just everything she did for Bentley just showed she was completely ALL about her son. & then TEEN MOM2 ...its all between Kailyn &Leah, I am honestly a TEEN MOM addict..Gotta watch it.


When I started watching Teen Mom last summer I got hooked for some reason. I'm not a teen mom myself but I felt like I could relate to the girls, beacuse sometimes in life stuff happens unexpectidly, and what I was taught was that It's what you do that counts! Also, everyone's actions are the most important too. From what iv'e seen, Maci, Leah, & Kaitlyn are the best mom's.


I am now 42 years old nowbut in 1986 I was pregnant at 17 and a mom at 18. I now have 3 smart, awesome boys. I didn't think twice about it when I got pregnant as a teenager. I was pregnant, I had my baby and I raised him. Grow up girls! I had no problem transitionning into mommyhood at that age. I don't see why all these girls are having ar causing so many problems for themselves.


i think Kailyn Lowry is the best mother because she is going to college and works and takes care of little isacc her son so she is doing all she can to support her son but all though she is sharing custody with Jonathon Rivera she is still doing a great job .


Catelynn Lowell is the best mother to me. Why she knew that her current situation was not the place to raise a child. She gave her daughter to a loving couple who can provide for her and she is still able to have relationship with her. I think she's a damn good mother.

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