Oprah Winfrey Guarantees Return to Broadway

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Oprah Winfrey ends its 25-year run on May 25. What will the talk show queen do once she's done interviewing famous celebrities and sharing inspiring stories with her viewers?

The mega star made it clear in a recent interview with The Chicago Tribune: it will soon be off to Broadway.

Oprah at the Mic

"I have a stack of plays in my bag right now that I am reading," she said. "And just this past weekend, I was in New York meeting with producers. We were just talking about what would be the best route to take. But yes, this is really going to happen."

Adds Winfrey, who recently produced The Color Purple and was openly critical last week of OWN: "[After The Oprah Show wraps] it's time to do something for fun. This next phase of my life should be pure delight."

Oprah says she's looking for an "ensemble" production.


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