Demi Lovato on Twitter: Down with Cyber Bullies!

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Demi Lovato has Bipolar Disorder.

The singer made this brave admission in an interview with ABC last month. In response, many fans have expressed their support of the young star - but a troubling number have also mocked the celebrity, doubting the legitimacy of such an illness.

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To Lovato's credit, she has now taken to Twitter and called out these pathetic human beings, writing:

I wish there wasn't so much pressure on society to be thin. It makes recovery so much harder. My heart goes out to any and all women who deal with this daily battle. I can't stand it when people make fun of the diseases so many people struggle from.

Along with making fun of illnesses or diseases, doing it over the internet only makes you more of a coward. Not to mention you've performed the act of cyber-bullying, something that is equally wrong and unacceptable.


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STFU! Demii chopping herself because she was depressed! imagine if you like her and there is an insult u as it is today!!!! FUCKING HATERS


Dear 'DEMI STINKS', first off Demi wasn't in rehab for cocaine use at all. She was in there for mutilating herself and being so depressed over her body image. So, the fact that her band member told on her.. sche had acted on impulse because she was angry. You'd do the same, but she realized it was a good thing the band member did and said sorry. So, if you want to hate on someone get the facts right. And yes bullying can totally be the cause of ugly behavior, hello people make suicide over it, some people lose touch with the world, etc. Bully can cause a lot of things, like what you're doing now.


screw demi. constantly using bullying as an excuse for all her terrible behavior. then it turns out that she's the real bully, beating up one of her dancers cause she though the girl squealed on her cocaine use. hypocrite! phony!


Just keEp up the gOod works dEmi!ur fans always at ur back nO matter what..stay strOng!love u t.c


Hi Demi. I luv ur work. I wud luv to visit u but I live in Nigeria.I always watch sonny with a chance. Call me 07083878662


Don't care about what those god damn stupid people have done! All your fans around the world will support you forever. You just need to pay attention on how your fans love you. And the bullies will get revanges and go to hell someday. Demi, You are beautiful. Bad things can't bring you down. Always love you, Demi.


Demi dnt let anyone take or put you down they only do that cuz their jelous of you, your a good person a good actress and once had the best frend selena gomez now personly i think you made the best of frends now your all famous those bullies are thinkin omg wat hav i dun to demi she is the best person on tv im so stupid for bullying her i wish she will forgive me now like i sed dnt let those bull ies get to u just remember ur gona be a better person just forget about them it might be hard but try xxxxxxxxxx


Go demi! You show those bullies what your made of!

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