Dancing With the Stars Results: Who's in the Finals?

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It you looked at the scores going into the Dancing With the Stars results show, Ralph Macchio should be the one going home. But that was also true last week, and he did not. Tuesday night is never all about Monday's scores.

The judges' influence does factor in along with the votes, especially after this Monday with a new Winner Take All dance all but guaranteed Chelsea and Mark making the finals. But it's America that makes the call in the end.

So did Ralph make it to the final three?

Ralph on Dancing With the Stars

Ralph and Karina were on thin ice again this week ...

The Karate Kid entered Tuesday with a good chance of going home, but if Hines Ward or Kirstie Alley were voted off instead, we wouldn't have been too shocked.

So who's in the finals and who's out? Find out after the jump ...

It was goodbye to Ralph Macchio and Karina Smirnoff last night.

Maksim and Kirstie, who were in the bottom two, were safe. Chelsea and Mark and Hines and Kym were also safe and will dance in the finale on Monday night.

The Season 12 champion will be named on Tuesday evening.

"I will never forget how the fans have driven us through every week," Macchio said, following the announcement that he'd been ousted. "It inspired me."

"I would run here every Monday for us to present what we worked on."

Ralph and Karina

Ralph lavished praise upon his partner.

"Karina, you inspired me in so many ways with your heart, talent, class, integrity as an artist, and even more so as a human being," he told her. "I'm proud to have been your dance partner and even more proud to be your friend."


So it goes. Was it the right call by America this week? Comment below.

Among the top three, who will win Season 12 of DWTS?


I think Emmett Smith is wonderful, good dancer with a wonderful personality and should win again this year. God bless him.


It's a shame but the truth is the show is rigged. Before it even goes on the air, the judges decide before the season starts who they want to have in the end and who to win. I won't watch a 'lie' anymore - this explains why some stars can cut it and others can't. They work with some more than others and when they want someone off, they degrade them and criticize out of place. Ralph was a much better dancer than Kirstie - she does not deserve to have made it this far! The judges are way too biased, they're not neutral. You can tell by the way they talk to the contestants.


i would have really wanted for ralph to make it to the finals he worked really hard even with an injury he did well even with an injury bravo bravo i would always be mad at the judges for given him bad scores they were not fair it was obvious that he was gonna leave but i voted for ralph anyway i stopped watching it after he got voted out


i want max and kristie i hope they will iam only one to vote for them. ps hines kym to win.


Judges you should be ashamed of yourselves.. giving 15 points so Chelsea couldn't be eliminated by the people. Why don't you post the combined scores from Judges and viewers?


The judges sucked. Ralph did some good dancing but they never gave him any credit. I think the show is fixed. Know matter what he did they found fault with it. Time to replace the judges.If this show is to get the best dancer than get some better judges.Get rid of Brook always the same question give her some lessons.Your judges pick a favorite an that becomes the winner even if he can't dance. Ralph you did a great job shame on them.By the way did Bruno take a good look at his video I would never make fun of any one after looking at that mess.


there is no final two....these three couples will perform and a winner will be chosen....the next results show is to name the winner of the season.


I don't think the judges gave Ralph a 48 just to send him home. Ralph had not been performing well for a while now. He didn't deserve a good score Monday night, therefore, he didn't get good scores.
As far as Kirstie and Hines are concerned, I would rather see those 2 be the winner and runner up, than to see Chelsea be winner or runner up. She didn't do as well Monday night as she had in the past. The judges even told her that at one point in the show. Hines and Kirstie usually get nothing but praise. #TeamHines and #TeamG-Mak


It is quite obvious Ralph is a much better dancer than Kirstie and Hines.Why did they want Ralph out. It's quite obvious this show is also fixed to keep the $ coming in. It's sad everyone can be bought. They only gave Ralph 48 points to eliminate him. Watch closely Kirstie and Hines moves . Totally a bunch of made up delusions.Judges do your job or retire.


I thought the judges were supposed to be fair. It was quite obvious on monday the they wanted ralph off and kane in They have lost one of their viewers because of their biased opinions


Dancing with the Stars Quotes

We should have started dancing with one arm waaay before.

Cristian de la Fuente [following his injury, trip to the hospital and subsequent stellar performance]

I am not the best dancer, and I have not been the best dancer from the beginning. I am happy we made it this far.

Cristian de la Fuente