The Voice Recap: The Battle Round Continues!

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The Voice continued its "Battle Round" last night, pitting each judge's team members against one another for the right to be judged by America in the finals.

The contestants sang their hearts out and left everything on the floor in an effort to wow Cee Lo Green, Blake Shelton, Adam Levine and Christina Aguilera.

So who survived these winner-take-all sing-offs? Let's break it down:

When Adam paired Angela Wolff and Javier Colon, Angela admitted that she was just excited for the chance to sing alongside Javier, he's that good.

He was. His rendition of "Stand by Me" was almost angelic.

"There is an extremely beautiful girl on stage right now, but all I can do is sit here and go, 'Javier,'" said Blake, who just married Miranda Lambert.

"That makes me feel strange a little bit," Javier joked, to which the country star retorted, "Imagine how I feel!" P.S. Levine obviously chose Javier.

Cee Lo didn't have quite as easy a choice, considering he picked Ne-Yo's "Closer" for Nakia and Tji Austin. Nakia trumped Tji in a surprising upset!

Blake ended up killing two birds with one stone, taking father of six Jared Blake over newlyweds Elenowen on "Ain't No Mountain High Enough."

The three of them sounded surprisingly good, but the judges were more impressed with how Jared adjusted to a song so far from his style.

Christina capped off Tuesday night by pitting Beverly McClellan, with her shaved head and tattoos, against the R&B stylings of Justin Grennan.

Bev didn't quite "murderize" Justin, as way Adam feared she would, but she beat him anyway in a clash featuring The Who's "Baba O'Reilly."

Beverly, Jared, Nakia and Javier join last week's battle winners Vicci Martinez, Frenchie Davis, Patrick Thomas and Casey Weston in the pool.

Eight finals spots are filled, and eight are still up for grabs, with America voting on the top 16 singers left standing beginning Tuesday, June 7.

What did you think of The Voice last night? Discuss!

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