Shayne Lamas Pregnant, Nik Richie Responsible

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Shayne Lamas and Nik Richie are expecting their first child!

"The Lamas-Richie family is happy, healthy and definitely pregnant," said Shayne, who got engaged to Matt Grant on The Bachelor and was together with him for at least a couple of days after that, in a statement late yesterday.

Shayne Lamas and Nik Richie Pic

Just a couple of hours earlier, Richie had teased on Twitter: "Working on a beautiful new project in my life and I can't wait to show the world. Soon."

Now we know what she was working on. Shayne.

Within hours of meeting one another in April 2010, Lamas and Richie, co-founder of celebrity gossip site TheDirty (dot) com, wed in Las Vegas.

Hey, at least they waited an eternity to start a family by their standards. Way to take it slow guys. Congratulations to Nik and Shayne Lamas.

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well if the kid has his build and her body that is going to one butt ugly kid. To quote Nik so many times you know that your ugly right. And what did you have to purchase the sperm because I know that your little dick didn't knock her up


This guy is a complete tool. ruining peoples lives left right and center. i hope his child is born with some kind of deformity or disability so these two can really feel how it is to have a hard life. Just like they've done to thousands of people.


LOL Frog both!!


Is that Janet Napolitano and Phillys Diller?


Sorry Jenn but they don't get any bonus point for being to together for a year and now having a kid. Yea good for you guys for doing what a bazzilion other people do now a days. Probably split in another year too.


I'm DA strong an I think they will both make amazing parents. They just celebrated their one year anniversary and how many other people in their situation can say that they've made it that far?? They must be doing something right.


And that is a MAN!! LOL


EEEWWW, working on a new project?? Oh what a new sex tape to sell??


Lorenzo in a blonde wig.


what would make them not good parents? because they took things alitte faster then maybe other people but parenting has NOTHING to do with how fast you move in your relationships!!! stop being a HATER!!!!