Rebecca Black Doesn't Wanna Be That "Friday" Girl

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Rebecca Black has no talent and nevertheless earned 118 million YouTube views and a legit record deal since we all love watching peeps with no talent try to sing online.

In spite of that, she's worried about being pigeonholed by the song!

The 13-year-old Black told the AP she wants a career in which she's respected as a recording artist ... adding, "I don't want to be known as the 'Friday' girl."

"Hopefully, I can be known as Rebecca Black and not the 'Friday' girl. I want to be a performing artist," she adds. "That's what I've always wanted to do."

Sorry, sweetie. This song is just too fun, fun, fun to think of you as anything else:


she should just be happy she thinks people know her as the "friday" girl instead of the fucking internet joke we all know she is. dont try and get into that business at 13.....grow up.....i advise you tend a college/university too. Cuz thats about all youll have to do in about 3 years when nobody and their dog knows who the fuck you are cuz you have no talent cant sing and just got mommy to pay for a video....fucking....idiots.


Sorry rebecca but u earned that name! ur fault! dont blame ppl having 2 listen 2 ur voice


Gross. Black should just die if ever to sing again...go back, asshole whore. Her mother screwed the world with just $2K.


Rebecca Black should consider herself lucky to be known as ANYTHING. Her song is terrible, "her" lytics are ridiculous, and her voice is mediocre. Her expression throughout the video makes it seem like somebody passed gas in the room and she smells it.


Ok, so she does not want to be known as the "Friday" girl. The only other option is being the girl who thought she could sing. Being the "Friday" girl is not so bad when compared to being an internet joke. Anyone remember the William guy from the American Idol auditions a few years ago? He (sort of) sang "She Bangs" and was so very bad that he got a contract and got to make a very,very bad video? And now no one has heard about him in like 5yrs. This girl is only 13, I doubt she understands that she is only a joke and that people who offer her a contract see her that way. Someone close to her (like her parents) need to shut this down because otherwise she will continue to think she is great and be seriously upset when she realizes she is not and that the world is laughing at her.


Wow. You talk shit about Perez because he bullies people, but when YOU do it, it's all fine, isn't it ? Who the fuck are you to judge Black's talent, especially since you kiss the asses of talentless hacks like Swift and Bieber? Bitch.


Dude, Have you hear you sing? or the song? Sweetie Firday is NOT a good song or your singing No Offense Just remember I'm just telling you the turth i think you should just admire other pop stars with actual talnet for example The Black Eyed Peas or Micheal Jackson just please NEVER sing again your doing the World a favor


Screw you "Free Britney." You have no talent.

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