Rebecca Black Signs with Major Music Label

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We haven't heard the last from Rebecca Black.

Thanks to the help of Ryan Seacrest, on whose radio show Black appeared last Friday, the 13-year old singer has been signed by music manager Debra Baum to her label, DB Entertainment.

Black on the Red Carpet

What kind of music can we expect from Black in the future? The aspiring artist told Entertainment Weekly a few days ago that she wants to record "dance anthem-like stuff."

What about working with famous songwriters? Says the singer: “That’s not a question you should ask me - my parents just throw song ideas at me, and I’ve been listening to a billion different songs.”

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ilike ms rebecca black


People...REBECCA BLACK didn't write "Friday" we don't know exactly if she is a good or bad songwriter. Give her a chance, also, she's not a good singer today, but who knows tomorrow, maybe she's taking some singing clases, everyone can improve!


Honestly, Rebecca, is a TERRIBLE song writer. But, she does have an voice for her age. She still needs work- A LOT of work, but as she continues to grow, she'll be come better. She's not that bad of a singer its just her lyrics are TRASH! P.S: Looking for someone NEW to listen to? Someone who has the music down pack? check ME out! 14 yr old FEMALE RAP ARTIST! Comment and share some feedback toward my music. all is appreciated. :)


Good for her: Rebecca;enjoy the ride and bank any money you make; that way you'll have a college fund...


Those of you who are making fun of this girl are just pathetic losers honestly - maybe the song blows, but big f'ing deal - you should marvel how at how an ordinary person can get famous (or infamous) these days just like that. Don't take it so seriously - just remember that for every time you complain (thinly veiled jealousy) this girl laughs even louder all the way to the bank.


aw rebecca is just 13, she may not be musically gifted but she is no worst than most of us. Unknowingly these cyberbullies has just catapulted her to fame. Now she is not only enjoying full media attention but a sizable income thanks to them. Sweet justice! I guess we will hear more of her in the coming days. All of these haters will continue to mock her.. and that will result in more sales and more income.For how long? well she has already recoup her investments and more may be coming...Now that would make any teen green with envy and hate her more...


Maybe vic is the guy rapping in the friday video, that y he likes the song lol.. "theres a reason y db entertainment signed her" hahaha...i cant stop laughing at this... Oh dang u mean THE db entertainment.. he said it like she signed with def jam or something.. haha


Oops, anyways vic.. my jealousy makes her sound like crap.. and u said db entertainment like it was a huge name lol.. there is a reaon db entertainment signed her.. bcuz now all 38 million people that viewed friday on youtube have now heard about db entertainment. Cmon bro admit it, she's not a good singer, the song is annoying and db entertainment wanted free publicity. Rebecca black isnt guna get rich off this and db entertainment will fade back into being unknown next week bcuz they wont sell albums, if she even comes out with one. So theres nothin to be jealous about.


Lmao @ vic .. yea my jealousy is what makes her sound like


UGH, Rebecca Black? When she was singing 'Friday' .. all I could do was burst out laughing til it was finish. I personally think it's a stupid song telling us about the days of the week (might as well be a kindergarten song -__-), which seat to choose (wtf?), & repeating the same thing OVER & OVER & OVER again -__- Better luck next time Rebecca,& this time..write a song that's not so stupid please :)