Lindsay Lohan Sentenced to 120 Days in Jail For Probation Violation; Theft Charge Reduced

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Lindsay Lohan caught a huge break yesterday when the felony grand theft charge against her was reduced to a misdemeanor by Judge Stephanie Sautner.

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    I wish for once a celebrity would be sentenced to jail and actually have to serve it for the whole time. It is just stupid to say you have 90 days in jail and you only stay 2 hrs. Maybe if we made them suffer the consequences of their actions they might stop acting stupid. You think??


    Lilo should give herself a break,or maybe just leave her home and move in the jail for good to save everyone the trouble


    agreed, but how many wake up calls does this girl need..?? if she was going to learn a lesson she would have done by now. i think she's just (spoilt) rotten.


    Lilo does everything that she can to end up in jail, and then end up showing up with the big bucks to go home until it is time to be sentenced to go back to jail. Maybe the seriousness of having to check in for the community services parts of her sentence, might just give her an early wake up call!!


    She thinks this is a huge game for her. We all know it's obvious that she'll never learn her lesson, and that she has done this sort of thing before. Looks like the Court system has failed us once again.


    maybe the drugs did it to her? Cause anyone with common sense knows not to steal. Its not like your not gonna get caught. this makes me sooooo fuckin mad. I HATE LINDSAY. SHES GOING TO HELL.


    Omg! This girl , -.- Has to STOP IT ! Seriouslyy


    this what piss me of we got to work hard for our money that what we want and she fucking got to steal celebs got mill and bill of money why the hell they got to steal she needs to get a fucking life and grow up get a job if you can't afford it stop fucking steal and i knew she wouldn't make it in fucking jail she is a fucking loser and always going be a loser noone want her ass and she needs to go away forever


    I kinda understand why the sales lady didn't stop Lindsay. I used to work at a hotel reception and sometimes famous people would come in and act funny, and you really didn't know what was in your authority to do about it before you checked with your GM. Celebs get special treatment, and you want to make sure what you do complies with the management's view. Of course it's crap. But these people bring a lot of money to your establishment & they get away with some stuff with the management's discretion. If you're only a clerk, sometimes you don't know what to do because if you do the wrong thing you could get in trouble.


    i believe it's to harsh due to the fact that according to the video Lindsay and her friend were the only one's in that store. that lady that works there saw her put that necklace on and did not say anything about her taking it off before she left the store. now, i have work in a retail store before and i saw first hand i noticed acouple of time people would put on things and quote forget to take it off when they left the store i got fired because of that. that lady saw her put the necklace on they were the only people in that store. that lady needs to be fired. big time....... now i know sometimes i do forget things as well along with other people as well but it was that lady's responsibilty to insure the safety of the products while she is working there. now im not tryin to excuse lindsay's action but that lady should be fired as well.

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