Lindsay Lohan on The Tonight Show: Open, Honest, Possibly Even Contrite!

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Well, now we've pretty much seen everything.

With a heartfelt mea culpa on The Tonight Show, Lindsay Lohan got a standing ovation from the audience. She did it by admitting what we all know, but she never seems to acknowledge - that Lindsay is to blame for Lindsay's jail sentence.

“I feel like I’ve let a lot of my fans down by putting myself in situations when I was young and not thinking clearly,” Lohan told Jay Leno Tuesday.

When "she was young" was like two months ago in the case of her alleged necklace heist, but whatever. Details. One topic she wouldn't discuss last night, however?

Her dad. “I plead the Fifth on that,” the troubled star said, borrowing a term from the legal system she's gotten to know intimately well over the last year or so.

Watch the interview in its entirety below ...


I always believed that she will turn out OK in the end.. she's just been passing through a rough time that we hope our kids will never have to pass through.. feeling lost and burdened by people's expectations.. this is something that could happen to anyone, especially anyone starting in this industry from a young age.. take for example Britney Spears, Michael Jackson, etc. There's just so much peer pressure.. hope she'll be fine form now on


An Oscar? Even her delusions are delusional!


She's the queen of manipulation. It's all a means of getting her own way in the end. If she was serious, good for her...but seriously, she's totally inconsequential. She used to be quite a good child actor, but now?? What has she really done lately?


She was quite good and endearing on Leno last night. Good for her, finally taking some advice whether it's BS or not, she pulled it off...except the fashion advice still ain't workin, no bra! She did look exceptionally well, maybe she is clean, and keeping that extra upper lip out...yuk! Maybe she'll find a nice man now.

Avatar many times have she said this...Dammmmmm like watching reruns...once a tramp always a tramp~~she will kill her self with an overdose... then they finally can actually write about someone who peeps actually care about~~


Wow... she should get an academy award for that interview. She gets off she's going to go right back to her drinking and drugging. She needs to do the time so she remembers what it's like to really be in jail and be on a long probation, she messes up and back in she should go goes. Her family enables her. Distance would be a good thing from them.


she does not deserve a standing ovation for taking resposibility.she should have done that to begin with, she should be in jail not on tv...its a joke...she stole a necklace she should have to do her time like everyone else..

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