Lindsay Lohan PISSED Over Latest Jail Sentence

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Despite the reduction of her felony grand theft charge to a misdemeanor offense, Lindsay Lohan was sentenced to jail for the umpteenth time on Friday after Judge Stephanie Sautner ruled that she violated the terms of her probation.


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    i think Lindsey lohan is a great actress as well but she needs to do what she is told to do and stop bitching about it she needs to clean up her act like britney did and she is doing great she just did but lindsey keeps doing the wrong things just pay your fines and work your way back up to the top .


    Gina - "if one of us ordinary people did what lindsey did, are asses would be in jail BIG TIME & for a long time."

    I agree 100%.


    Since Brittney cleaned up her act, Lindsay is now, I believe, the most delusional person in the business.

    Were I the judge, I'd have sentenced her to real time with real convicts who would give her a real hard time, not put her on a pedestal like the last cons did, cause I'd want her to be afraid of ever doing anything that would ever get her locked up again, real afraid - so that she'd hopefully grow up and start to fly right.

    It might save her selfish deluded life.


    Lindsay Lohan should just pay all her fines and do some time and get it over with. Stay out of trouble, the judge made the decision, so there'e nothing Lindsay can do about it. The law is the law.


    I like Lindsay Lohan alot....I support her all the way...but the law is the law and it will always and forever be the law. Lindsay Lohan should just stay out of trouble. She's got some consequences she'll have to pay and get them over with so she can throw a bitchfit all she wants, but it won't save her ass. The judge has made the decision Lindsay cannot win so she will have to do what we all have to do what we don't like......DEAL WITH IT!!!!!! No offense Lindsay.


    hah! if one of us ordinary people did what lindsey did, are asses would be in jail BIG TIME & for a long time. how does she get away with is crap? so what ? she's a star, big whoop! that and 5.00 dollars will get her a cup of coffee. you would think that with all her money she wouldn't have to steal. are the rich all that greedy that they have to steal? how rude!


    Lindsy was sentenced to a County Jail not prison. She has nothing to fear in a County Jail. She just needs to suck it up, do her time an get out from under all of this. The longer she drags it out the longer she remains uner the jurisdiction of the court and that ain't a good place to be. You want your life back, Lindsy? Accept rsponsibility, do your time an shut up about it.


    Maybe she can take her anger out on the mop and pail she will be using at the Morgue, while doing her community service. This is starting to get comical.


    Maybe if she'd stay out of trouble she wouldn't keep going to jail.


    She needs to be sentenced to drug rehab, she has money to pay for it.

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