Kody Brown and Robyn Sullivan: Married!

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Kody Brown and Robyn Sullivan are now married, making her one of TLC's Sister Wives. Three Sister Wives and One Sister Fiancee didn't have the same ring to it.

The Utah polygamist, who is under criminal investigation for, well, being a polygamist, officially tied the knot with Sullivan in Utah, upping the wife count to four.

Tamera Mowry, Adam Housley

Robyn didn't enter the family by herself at the private ceremony. She has three kids from a previous marriage, joining Kody's 13 kids with the other three wives.

Kody Brown married Robyn Sullivan! The one on the far right!

TLC cameras were not allowed to capture the actual ceremony, but the reception will be on the controversial reality show documenting Kody Brown and wives.

Some of the drama leading up to the wedding will also be featured on this Sunday's episode. But the real drama may come if the D.A. charges the whole family.

That doesn't look likely unless there's a crime beyond plural marriage. While illegal, there are so many cases like the Browns' that they're rarely prosecuted.

What do you think? Should they be charged?


These women are giving and too intelligent, to practice a lifestyle against their will. Kody has hard workers, and does not have a complete appreciation. Meri has the heart of gold, Robyn is cool to the nth degree. Janelle and Christine are understated. Kody, with 4 winners is deluded.


i think they should just be left alone. they are not hurting anyone.


I have a good one for TLC. A woman that is married to 4 husbands, they can call it who's my babies daddy??


Yet again another Joe Blow wanting to make a buck. I would like to see a woman have 3 brother-husbands. Now that is a show to watch. Now which one of my three guy friends should I ask? It is a quick buck isn't it?


I have not seen the show but I feel that if these people are happy then leave them alone. If they are brainwashed then well... they are all adults and hopefully they have family that can help them. Personally, I would never want to be with a man and his 3/4 other wives. That is not who I am. But if that is who these people are then sobeit. That, my friends, is my opinion on the matter.


I dn't care what he says i still think its about being sexual with diff women and they all happen to be living under the same roof. He doesn't need to use protection either obvisouly an he can prob have sex with all them in one day if chose to. Yea they might love each other but c'mon what women really wants to share her man 24/7?? I just think there brainwashed to believe that its just about love and fam.This man is playing all of them.


It's so degrading to the women...they should take some boyfriends on the side! Moreover, I hope they practice very good hygiene! ick.


I think they say they are polygamist but what religion allows you to divorce and just remarry someone with 3 others wives. You never see them pray together or having dinner together, he's to busy being busy if you get my drift. I think they stay in the polygamist lifestyle just to have sex with a different wife every night.


what a fuckin joke.

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