Kim Kardashian Irate Over Turkish Cosmo Cover

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Kim Kardashian is reportedly very upset that a photo of her was used on the cover of Turkey's edition of Cosmopolitan magazine this month.

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    Armenian genocide is just a scam armenians made up to maintain their nationality.they have never had a civilization and the most of them are still living in another countries as minorities they use turk hatred to keep it together.lots of european historians say that and gets threatened by armenian gangs


    What do celebrity whores know about politics?? Tell her to go flash fat ass somewhere, since that's all she's good at!!


    wait, she hates the turkish, but appeard on doc oz's show, he is 1st generation turkish


    Turkey doesn't recognize the fact that they in the past (as the Ottoman empire) murdered between 1 to 1.5 million armenians. If I was of Armenian heritage and they used my image without permission, I'd be pissed too. I might not agree with everything Kim K does but she has every right to object, it's personal not business.


    Lol Baby K... Comical yet genious!


    @Delta, there was media coverage a few years ago about a law suit that was filed against Kim K, Brandy's mother was going to take her to court for stealing money from them, Kim had to settle out of court because she was guilty and would have lost had she gone to trial... I know we all see the glamourous side of Kim now post sex tape fame but Kim K did a lot of dirty sh*t to get where she is today... Unfortunately copying her bff Paris Hilton with the sex tape worked for her - and her family


    @babyk it is clear you were raped as a child by your father and now you are taking out your mental problems out on other people. pointing out things you think are bad about people doesn't change who YOU are. Harbouring that much hate because all the males in your family molestered you is appauling, i recomend therapy. POV about kim k: she's a human, WE do not know her personally, if she really didn't want to be on the cover of turkish cosmo because of blah blah blah blah fair enough, assuming that this article isn't a load of s*** anyway...


    Oh Please!!!


    I hate to agree w/ baby k, but it is true, Kim does have Herpes, my sister is a cashier for the Rite-Aid in Calabasas Ca., right around the corner from where Kim lives, and she says Kim comes in regularly to fill up her prescription for Herpes medication, some sort of ointment that I guess treats the sores, any-who, I hope the best for Kim and I hope she gets that under control, as far as how she got Herpes, I don't think that's any ones business


    Baby K is a genius. That is the most awesome creative writing every, she should write a book and make it into a movie. Hilarious!

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