Kim Kardashian Calls Attention to Armenian Genocide

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Kim Kardashian made it clear a couple weeks ago: she isn't only about red carpet photos and fashion.

The reality star took major exception to her body being placed on the cover of Turkey's Cosmopolitan, considering she's of Armenian descent and that nation was responsible for acts of genocide against her people in the early 1900s.

Kimmy Kardashian

Now, with Genocide Remembrance Day schedule for Sunday, Kim has taken to her blog and posted the following message:

"My family and I are incredibly proud of our heritage. My dad taught me a lot about Armenian culture, and I have a strong connection with my roots. Every year, I honor the memory of the martyrs who were killed during the 1915 Armenian Genocide. Even though so many countries around the world recognize the Genocide, the government of Turkey still denies it."

Approximately 1.5 million Armenians were killed by Ottoman Turks starting in 1915. Wrote Kardashian:

"Until this crime is resolved truthfully and fairly, the Armenian people will live with the pain of what happened to their families and the fear of what might happen again to their homeland. So out of respect for all those innocent people that died, I'm putting a spotlight on it today..."



Don't forget the Assyrian genocide that happened hand in hand with our friends of the Armenian nation. Would of been good if she mentioned that too.... But great work that she brought awareness of the Armenian genocide


Would U all jst stop,if she is sayin the truth from her heart or not,who cares so long as she dint step on Ur toes.Do u not talk bout Ur heritage?I do n a mater o fact i talk bout durin the 1700AD n so do U by reading n believing the bible.r u jealous she's a famous bitch-dnt be,U should jst nt care for her coz she s fake,period.If she was Gisele Bundchen-she'd be my role model coz atleast Kim K loves doubt.BTW,kourtney kardashian is the natural beauty with no exaggerated makeups tho rumour had it that-she is contemplatin some plastic surgery


Mmmm.... Its not any casuality that she talks about that when she is appearing on the cover of the cosmo from Turkey....but good for her,she shows some respect for her roots,and its good to see she is proud pf her roots.


I may not be a huge Kardashian fan for obvious reasons, but I do think this is genuine. The genocide is a major issue for the Armenians, and despite the fact that they're attention whores they do have a deep connection with that country. Besides, rosalie, do you realize how racist you sound? Not every armenian has a big nose, fyi.


I think she's being's not the kind of thing you bring up to buy yourself airtime, more likely it's something people would feel uncomfortable talking about. Having said that, I don't quite see the point in her bringing it up, but hey, for some reason she feels strongly about it so why not say it.


What exactly is she standing up for? um for the truth. Turkey still denies the genocide and bribes and threatens the US every year to not recognize the genocide. Why don't they let it go? Like you said it happened 100 years ago. It not like the Romans denied it after they killed Jesus.


This swine will say and do anything for publicity. Pathetic.


If you grandparents where in the geocide you would care


Why must people hate..she is talking about her heritage..she is armenian and will be til she dies..why should it matter cuz she has a nose job..idiots..and she wants publicity cuz she speaks about her peps..peps stil talk about slavery and Jews..stop hating!!! Make me sick..throw up


If she was so proud of her armenian heritage, she wouldn't go under the knife to change her armenian looks. :((

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