Kate Middleton Pregnant, Tabloid Somehow Claims

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Either Star Magazine really likes being sued, or they're just trying to be the Onion of celebrity gossip these days, because these stories are getting absurd.

Give them credit for at least being topical this time, though, rather than recycling Brangelina nonsense again (he's putting it to Bella Heathcote, allegedly).

With the Royal Wedding just weeks away, Star cites TOTALLY RELIABLE intel from a “palace tattletale” in breaking a bombshell: Kate Middleton is pregnant!

Kate Middleton: Pregnant Bride!

OMG!! There’s going to be a big announcement about this after the honeymoon, the tabloid claims. Somehow we won't be holding our breath for that.

Meanwhile, Khloe and Lamar’s honeymoon is reportedly over. For Khlomar, only tears, meddling exes and appointments for sex are the norm these days.

This isn't exactly news, as it happens in any marriage.

Finally, Taylor Armstrong is allegedly anorexic. Now that we can believe. Not bad, Star, batting .333 for the week. BTW, your lawyer's on Line 1.


congratualtions GUYS :) good luck wiv the baby and god bless x


i'm so happy for them...goodluck for your baby.....god bless....


What's so big of a deal there is a wedding every day but no!!! It's a royal wedding it doesn't make no difference. I bet that William and Kate won't even last 5 years of marriage it's going to be a failure to the royal society. I could say this, that kate os just going to end up just like Diana did. Kate will emberes the royal family just like Diana did, will become thin and starve herself to death just to fit in those dresses, Kate will cheat on William just like Diana did to prince charles, will get on a car drive through Paris and will get killed in a car accident and DIE! I just don. Like the royal family they just exaggerate to much for just a STUPID wedding. Hello!!!!!! It's not the end of the world!!!!


If this were true it would be front page news all over the world (don't get why,it just would be) not just on the cover of a mag that has a true story once every few years.


I couldn't care less about this or the royal wedding. WAY TOO MUCH HYPE!!!!!!!


So what if she's pregnant. What's the big deal. She's been dating him forever and she will have a beautiful baby. GOOD LUCK TO BOTH OF THEM!


guess the real truth will "show" eventually or not
real-wishes dot com where wishes become reality


Don't believe the Star for a moment, but I do believe that Photogenic Kate is fast becoming the most Photographed Woman in the World!!


Nothing they say is ever true.i wonder why idiots out there still buy this magazine.

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