Kate Middleton Newsweek Cover: Simply Stunning

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Kate Middleton will marry Prince William in a couple of weeks, and the new cover of Newsweek captures her in a candid moment befitting of a princess.

Instead of a standard portrait, the photo shows Kate in a moment. Her natural beauty doesn't hurt, but it's a captivating image of the bride-to-be.

Also interesting is the subheading under "Kate the Great" ...

Kate Middleton Newsweek Cover

In previous articles posted on Kate Middleton and Prince William, we've received more than a few comments deriding the fascination with the royal nuptials.

Why, critics ask, do people care so much about a WEDDING with all the serious issues going on in the world? Maybe it's partly because of all those problems.

In a world gone mad, the union of Catherine Elizabeth Middleton and William Arthur Philip Louis Windsor, a prince of the royal blood, offer a nice respite.

Not just an escape, but a reminder that through thick and thin, there are still those events, those joyous moments we can all embrace and relate to.

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She's not a princess.


She's not a princess.


that funny i feel the same about you dear making up stuff on the royal family most of what all you said is lies. kate middleton a queen? she better get her virginity back from first boyfriend to even be considered.ROYAL AND THE LAW WILLIAM' S MOTHER WENT THROUGH HRH LADY DIANA SPENCER HAS A BETTER CHANCE AT BEING QUEEN OF ENGLAND AND SHE DIED.SOUR GRAPE HAS A WHAT I WOULD CALL ALL THE WOMAN WHO TRASHY THEMSELVES BEFORE MARRIAGE AND CAN'T STAND IF A VIRGIN IS WHAT IT TAKE TO BE QUEEN.


Sarahcharles is not only a boor but her spelling could use some refining. It's a shame that she is so down on someone she doesn't even know. Jealous? Probably.


Sarah- it's very hard for me to decipher what it is you're trying to say.. And how exactly does someone divorce (yes, that's how you spell it) their partner before the wedding ceremony? You're all just sour grapes. Will is a very likable guy, Kate is lovely & it's nice to see him, the future King, get married. As always for those not interested, don't watch & don't try to pee on it for everyone that is.


I can't friggen believe these people on here. A woman is getting married to the man she loves. I for one am very excited about this. The wedding starts airing at 3:00 am where I live and I intend on being awake for it all. This is, whether anyone likes it or not, a historic event happening. The girls are just jealous & furious with envy because Kate gets to live out every little girls dream. Becoming a princess!!! Go Kate!! I say congrats to Will and Kate. I'm excited about it all.


My personal gutt feeling is she will so divioce William after the ceremony if not before, everytime i see her and pray i keep seeing her divioce william at a fast rate of speed .It's wonder why she would marry him in the first place...If this were every to be true..I don't see the future of england with Kate ,i see her as a spoil adult looking for mr.right ,just not going to axcept the truth when God puts him before, because if it's not like her pretend playtime world as a child then,she isn't going to face.


photogentic ,you must be despite for ok looking girl..She below an average modern girl or should say woman of 29 or 28 old..she beneath what aspected of her to be a common wife to be to a monarchy.Someone said well grace kelly the actress was a workingclass actress who came from high society, finishing school and and proper english a wealthy father an mother from european stock..Kate's wealthy but no looks or style ,she tends to be american minded and lazy ..It takes someone else to tell her what to do in a society of life ,really not suit for her...Notice all great ladies have a natural flow to their appearance and holds the attention without going to someone else to take it away...


SHE DOESN'T look any different


Yeh yeh yeh big deal im sick of ths cant wait 4 this weding to pas so we can all get on with our lives