John Travolta Coaches Kirstie Alley on Dancing With the Stars

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After suffering back-to-back mishaps on Dancing With the Stars - falling two weeks ago, losing a shoe last Monday - Kirstie Alley hired a new coach this week:

John Travolta!

In a surprise appearance, the actor and friend of Kirstie told her to try hightops, first of all, to avoid another shoe malfunction. His next bit of advice?

Advising her and Maksim Chmerkovskiy to go somewhere and fix the "sexual tension" issue. We're sure he could convince plenty of other ladies to do this.

While his tutelage didn't help her Dancing With the Stars scores - she ended up near the bottom with a still-respectable 23 - his presence was a lot of fun overall:


It is a farce to keep Kirstie bumbling through various dance routines. She is NOT graceful, NOT elegant and NOT a dancing talent. Yet, why do they keep her? Is she paying the show to keep her dancing, if that's what you want to call it? Hmm, maybe. I predict that the American public, itself grossly overweight, will vote for her just she is overweight! If Kristie wins, I vow never to watch the show again!


I really do not think that a larger person should get a negative vote bcause they r larger. In my eye, it is heart. It is motivation. It is feeling good about what u want to say or tell people in ur actions. Why does the world make decisions on what u look like instead of what kind of person u r?


Give Kirstie a break.


Just disgusting with last results, I blame judges, everything is fixed, they want to keep Kirtsie until the very end. Don't you see? Everything is set to prove that heavy people can do dance, but this show is about elegance and beaty. Kirtsie and Kendra are same as was Katie( and 8) before. Petra was very good,so is Hines.


I can not still believe that Kendra and Kirtsie are still on COME on folks REALLY are you searous They are letting some really good dancers go and they are keeping these 2 What a shame

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