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Robert Pattinson hasn’t been shy in admitting he is so over Twilight, but we never expected the British actor to even consider joining Team Jacob.

We’re kidding. Rob’s character in Water for Elephants is named Jacob, though. Pretty funny, although he says he never realized the coincidence.

Another strange thing he never thought about? Playing Reese Witherspoon’s son in a movie role back in 2004, then playing her love interest now!

Watch him discuss that and much more on the Today show here:

Robert Pattinson on the Today Show

As always, watching Robert’s talk with Matt Lauer reminds us why he is one of our favorite stars, a smart and laid-back dude with a no-fuss attitude.

Even when it comes to clowns dying at the circus or gross sex scenes with Reese Witherspoon, you can’t faze this seasoned Hollywood veteran.