Jo Rivera: From Teen Mom Baby Daddy 2 Rapper

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Tired of being known as just some irresponsible kid who knocked up a girl on Teen Mom, Jo Rivera is looking for a career change ... as a rapper. 

Having put a baby in Kailynn Lowery, he's now putting his musical talents to the test, releasing a music video for his song, "Unthinkable Remix."

The premise of the song, we think, is him trying to seduce an older woman. But not everyone is a fan of Jo's career - Kailyn Lowry included.

Jo Rivera Raps

BALLER: Jo Rivera's video comes str8 outta the Hampton Inn.

"I think he has his priorities mixed up right now. He should be spending quality time with his son while he’s not working," says Teen Mom's Kailyn.

Ouch. The truth hurts, doesn't it?

She does make a valid point. Even Amber Portwood and Catelynn Lowell are being productive these days, talking about safe sex myths with MTV.

Now's not the time to launch your failed rap career, Jo. Get a clue.


hi joy i like your music vido, awsome


i think that jo could make it in the rap game he just needs the right people to help him and i thibk that he should spend time with his son isaac more and i hope that he did not physically abuse kailyn his ex girlfriend because he could go to jail for that but i wish him the best of luck i hope his career works out .


He should have "rapped" his u know what instead lol he is a douch bottom line


U suck there all right we all watched u on that show treatn ur babys mama like s**t u got no support behind u because of it get a life dude we all know who takes care of ur responsablitys ur babys mama and yo mama! U lok lika fake wanna be drake quit rappin an get back on the crew micky ds is the place 4 u


LMAO!! I agree with all the below me


Oops I mean Bag but hope that wasn't too obvious.


Oh hell to the no! Get a real JOB and stop being such a douche bad!!


Look Joe, even K-Fed with all of Britney Spears' money behind him at the time, could not launch a real rap deal. And you suck 10 times worse than him. Give it up and be a dad. Whoever told you that you were good and that this was a good idea lied. Get a real job and be a real father because the whole rap thing is not going to work out for you.

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