Jake Gyllenhaal Bald: A Hair Do or Don't?

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Jake Gyllenhaal, who normally flaunts a full head of hair, and quite often a beard and mustache to boot, was recently spotted bald on the L.A. set of his new film.

In End of Watch, he plays a police officer, so it suits the role (as it did when he bic'd it for 2005′s Jarhead). But it's certainly a dramatic shift for the hirsute actor.

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I like him bald,so hardsome n his skull got good shape.


oh hes so cute bald i wish he was like that always


HOt either way!!

Jake Gyllenhaal Biography

Jake the Great Jake Gyllenhaal is an actor that looks sort of like Tobey Maguire. We loved him in Seabiscuit, Brokeback Mountain, Proof and all of his... More »
Los Angeles, California
Full Name
Jacob Benjamin Gyllenhaal