Hank Baskett: Cheating on Kendra Wilkinson With Jessica Hall?

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Is Kendra Wilkinson's marriage to Hank Baskett on the rocks?

The new issue of In Touch suggests as much! So basically, no, they're not on the rocks, but hey, makes for some good celebrity gossip, right?

In Touch has been trying to bust up Kendra and Hank for some time. Somehow Playboy bunny Jessica Hall has been thrown into the mix now.

Here's the alleged other woman wreaking marital havoc ...

Hank Cheating on Kendra?!

This is Jessica Hall. Rumored home wrecker. Bona fide hottie!

Seriously, why the need to meddle in Kendra's love life? We direct that at Ms. Hall and at ITW. The Basketts seem as solid as they come. Leave 'em be.

Another thing just occurred to us. The headline just says Kendra and Hank have been torn apart by another woman. But what if Kendra did the cheating?

Sorry, we're just throwing that out there. Nothing wrong with a little girl-on-girl action, right? Okay, you know what, we're just going to stop now.


Hank is such a handsome, masculine man.... How I would love to be his woman! Seriously! With that wonderful physique and manly fuzzy chest...Oh, how I would love to fall asleep in his strong arms and my face on his hairy chest. I would just LOVE to have a man like him. A real man. I would cater to his every need, be a good housekeeper and offer my fuzzy box to him anytime he wanted it. Kendra is so lucky and does not appreciate this god of a man. Oh, just thinking of lovemaking w/ this gorgeous man makes my kitty wett!


LOL at everyone caring about this. This woman is all about money, that's all, anything to get money for not doing any real work. That's what all this "publicity" stunts are about. It started when she became Hef's whore, and it just got better for her after that, because at least she didn't have to sleep with an old dried up grape to get money after that. I mean seriously, Hank Baskett is hot and WAY out of her league, so I'd say she is VERY VERY lucky that she got him, that was like winning the lottery for her. Plus, it's nice to actually sleep next to someone that doesn't make you puke when you wake up in the morning. Right??


Kendra likes to stir it up and doesnt seem to appreciate the wonderful husband she has in Hank. I hope they don't break Hank IV heart by splitting. But I am wondering who is the guilty one here?


Let me see if I've got this straight! You Soul Brothers " Players" pass up Hundreds of good Black women so you can Hookup with a "Trailer Ho" so you can have a Blonde Trophy on your arm? Oh Hell Hankie- did she ever see you comin! Yeah- She's just a little Miss Understood- I know! No wonder some of YOU People continue to struggle in Society! If nothing else comes out of this I hope someone can do something about her stupid as Laugh.




yall sum daym haters!! yall wish yall kuld live like kendra and hank!! get like dem or get better then them but that mite be impossible for yall to do


Yall need to leave kendra and hank alone and stop being haters


Mindy shut up! Yeah! Great mom. Please! You are a loser for worshipping this famous for nothing bimbo. Always wanting attention. She does not care about u. She acts like a sex tape does not bother her and then cashes it in. What a joke. Famous for spreading her legs for a 90 year old goat. Stop defending her. Yep mother of the year!


Kendra is next to go! Thank God!!! I'm sure Louis is happy too (Kendra is the worst on DWTS yet in every category) Kate Gosselin was even kinder and a better dancer than slutty Kendra and Kate Gosselin was a hot mess! Only thing I like about Kendra is her sweet Grandmother! THATS IT!
(BABY HANK IS innocent too & hopefully his slutty mom wont ruin him 2)


People are mean and unkind like really you all need to grow up and start acting your age Hank haven't cheating on Kendra and Kendra haven't cheating on Hank. so the gossip Hollywood and everyone else that believe's it just let you know your all wrong and none of that are not true. Just because Kendra got into the playboy doesn't she's a slut and you people are upset because she's making more money then you guys are and don't give me smack. I like Kendra and I'm friend's with her and Kendra is funny, smart, down to earth, a good wife, and a good mother too.

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