Chris Brown to Join Justin Bieber on Stage in Australia?

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Will Chris Brown duet with Justin Bieber in Sydney? That's the rumor going around ... a rumor started by Bieber himself after he arrived Down Under.

Bieber romises "there might be surprises" on his tour.

The speculation is that with controversial R&B star Brown also touring the country, the pair will team up in Sydney to perform "Next 2 You" live:

Bieber Tweet About Brown
Bieber will throw it DOWN at Brisbane Entertainment Centre before heading down to Sydney for two sold-out shows at Acer Arena on Thursday and Friday.

Brown is playing Acer Arena tonight and does not have another gig until Brisbane on Friday. So look for a Bieber-Brown duet live in Sydney Thursday.

Seems like a given, seeing as the link Justin posted is to this song:


i love you justin and chrisbrown


SOOOOOOO Is Chris Brown Supporting Bieber tonight in Brisbane????????It only mentions Syndney :/


All theze people are lucky. Wht ahout coming to new england? I'm not one of female drool- happy fans, but all my freinds would love to see a good concert in massachusetts. The most we've gotten ( not in the boston area, more west direction) is john travolta (?) A while back. I live in the more country area of ma (three rivers) Android we don't get much. If anything its boston that gets all the fun. My frends tell me I sound exactly like beiber does when I sing, so they joke around about it. I gotta wonder if he would eever come?...


as a brisbane belieber i feel very unloved
at the fact that he has 2 concert in sydney and melbourn and brisbane has 1 and trust i know 200+ people who wannted tickets but got rejected, also he's somewhere in Queensland and is hidden so we don't know where he is but i understand he wants privacy but i mean its the first time us brisbane belieber would have sesn him so yeah..... but yeah i bet when he's in the other city's in australia he will be out and about =(
im just feeling really unloved and ignored by bieber right now- 18 hr 10 min till his SOLD OUT BRISBANE CONCERT


Good for the both of them


Justin bieber, Kuwait wants you please come to kuwait in October or September please and thanks!!!!!!!

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