Britney Spears Not Engaged Despite Wearing Huge Ring on Ring Finger

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Britney Spears just likes jewelry, okay? Geez.

The singer's rep says that despite her wearing a huge rock on that finger, there is no truth to engagement rumors surrounding Britney and Jason Trawick.

"Completely not true," Spears' rep tells E! News of any of the latest round of rumors sparked by the pop superstar's piece of apparently random jewelry.

"It's not an engagement ring, not a story."

Britney Spears O Facing Hard

Sorry, but most people don't wear random jewelry that big or on that finger. So when Spears did (hanging with Nicki Minaj Friday), it caught attention.

It's Britney Spears. Not that there's anything wrong with it, but people are gonna notice, and wonder. Besides, it's about time she got hitched, right?

She and Jason have been together an awfully long time, and seem so happy together. We're not trying to rush her or anything. We're just saying.

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Um yeah not everyone wears big rocks on tat finger for a reason, they aren't Britney Spears. She's rich ad where's whatever she want's whenever she wants so what? I wear ring's on that finger all of the time, and guess what? I baught it because I wanted it and thought it was freakin cute that day...oh and Britney Spears is the bomb like tick tick biotch, it' Britney B*tch, her name is up here in headline's not yours so don't be hating just because your name isn't.


Everyone who has commented should be ashamed of themselves. You are all jealous of everything she has otherwise you wouldn't comment just for the sake of being horrible. You go Britney I think you are amazing and no one should judge especially when things are on the up for you.


Her dress sense is outrageous,she wears d ugliest cloths ever!


britney is horri(y)ble


I don't know about anyone else but that picture above is just so unflattering. She looks ridiculous. 19 bopping around and dressed like that is one thing but she looks like an overweight soccer mom playing dress up and it's horrible.


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