Bobby Titcomb, Obama Golfing Pal, Busted For Soliciting Prostitution

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Bobby Titcomb, an old Hawaii schoolmate and longtime golfing buddy of President Barack Obama's, was arrested for solicitation of prostitution.

The bust took place in Honolulu, which is part of the United States.

Titcomb, who hosted the Obama family at his Waialua home over the holidays this winter, was one of four people arrested in a sting operation

Bobby Titcomb Mug Shot

BOOKED: Bobby Titcomb after he got popped.

The crime, which allegedly took place Monday, is a misdemeanor that typically carries a $500 fine, as well as probation and up to 30 days in jail.

Obama and Titcomb attended the private Punahou School in Honolulu together in the '70s and have been friends ever since. Well, until this.

Who knows how the Prez will react to his pal joining THG's celebrity mug shots gallery. He could do something nuts like shut down the federal government.

You can never tell nowadays.


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That adedrsess several of my concerns actually.


How much did it cost? This is pre elections, like conspiracy to murder is still murder....Michelle....LOL Right??


this is the company barack hussien obama keeps...
not surprised a bit!


("Oh my. This is too rich. Trying to think if a Bush pal got arrested for prostition, would you idiot leftists be whining for anyone to take the article down?
Of course you would, you use consistent logic.")
You know liberals don't use logic!
Kenya show us the birth certificate?
Nope, you can't... Impeach now!


It doesn't matter how high up his "golfing buddies" are, we all are responsible for our own behavior. If his family can forgive him, I can easily believe that Bobby Titcomb will Never be caught in "this position" again!!


"Which is part of the United States," ...I love you guys.


Okay, these ppl are mere men. Stop acting like its a shock that he is cruising for whores. Obama pimpin this country like a strip whore. LbVs!


Really!?! You thought it was necessary to tell us Honolulu is part of the United State!?! Do we look like reality TV celebrities to you!??


I am not noing to eat at Chilis to protest ridiculous gossip disguised as news. Ads are rotated randomly dumbass, and THG doesn't pick them, some ad server that bought that space does.

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