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Kate Middleton will marry Prince William in a couple of weeks, and the new cover of Newsweek captures her in a candid moment befitting of a princess.

Instead of a standard portrait, the photo shows Kate in a moment. Her natural beauty doesn’t hurt, but it’s a captivating image of the bride-to-be.

Also interesting is the subheading under “Kate the Great” …

Kate, Will, Elizabeth

In previous articles posted on Kate Middleton and Prince William, we’ve received more than a few comments deriding the fascination with the royal nuptials.

Why, critics ask, do people care so much about a WEDDING with all the serious issues going on in the world? Maybe it’s partly because of all those problems.

In a world gone mad, the union of Catherine Elizabeth Middleton and William Arthur Philip Louis Windsor, a prince of the royal blood, offer a nice respite.

Not just an escape, but a reminder that through thick and thin, there are still those events, those joyous moments we can all embrace and relate to.