Should the Judges Have Saved Casey Abrams?

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Casey Abrams saw his life flash before his eyes last night. His American Idol life, that is.

The bearded singer was surprisingly voted out by fans, following a lackluster Motown cover on Wednesday. Like the finalists before him, Casey was then given the chance to sing one more time in front of the judges in order to convince them to use their one-time "save" and keep him around.

And it worked! In a decision that left Abrams visibly stunned - and audibly cursing at one point, watch the clip below - J. Lo, Randy and Steven told the contestant he was safe.

Two finalists will now be voted off next Thursday, and this summer's Idol Live tour will include 11 singers instead of the customary 10.

Did the judges make the right decision?


casey was one of maybe 5 contestants the judges would save. but i don't thjink casey will win. i think j lusk has a chance to win if he picks better songs where he can use his low range more. maybe an elvis pressley gospel.


I think the problem isn't that Americans can't judge talent or quality entertainment, but rather that most of the Americans who would recognize and enjoy Casey Abrams' talent don't watch American Idol.


America is so shallow, they need to start judging on TALENT not looks... how dumb can one country be. Casey i s one of the best in the competition. Thia or one of the girls couldve gone but you judge purely on looks. Who cares if someone looks hot, stop judging on who looks hot and skinny with big boobs. Judge on who the best singer is coz thats what the show is called. I agree with Jin, American does not deserve people like Casey, coz he is so much better than everyone else that are judgemental.


I agree with Jin. And I'm American


My GOD!! I guess it is true what they say that AMERICA is already a cultural wasteland. People complaining about how Casey should NOT be saved. All of these contestants are good singers but CASEY is the real performer/musician. Don't you guys remember that Casey once said that he admires obscure Jazz musicians? He sees and hears music in such a deep level that he wants to share this gift with SHALLOW America. If looks, pageantry, drama, and vocal range INSTEAD of artistry, melodic sense, musicianship, and stage presence is the measure being an American Idol... then America doesn't deserve a CASEY ABRAMS. Cheers from ASIA


He needs to go to the finals but not win. He is already going to have a huge career. I think his career will be better if he is not tied to the mainstream act that American Idol makes their winners adhere to.


aw hes so happy! i dont think hes the best contestant but hes definitely better than a few of them.

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