Serena Williams 2K Sports Commercial: Too Sexy for TV?

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Serena Williams has been deemed too sexy for television.

A few days after a link to the tennis star's new 2K Sports video game commercial was Tweeted, the company received enough backlash over the spot - which features a scantily-clad Serena taking on a scantily-clad model - to announce it would not air on TV.

"As part of the process for creating marketing campaigns to support our titles, we pursue a variety of creative avenues," 2K Sports wrote in a statement. "This video is not part of the title's final marketing campaign and its distribution was unauthorized."

But it was clearly meant to hit the airways, as Serena Tweeted last week to be on the lookout for "awesomely sexy video."

And, come on, 2K Sports, billboards of Rafael Nadal shirtless are all over Europe.

What do you think? Should the ad have been pulled?


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I don't see the big deal she has a beautiful body and is very talented. It shows there truly are haters......


Hi dear,i always wish to see you ,if not to keep in touch with your die hard fan.


i have no comments for your photos, all i have to say is they are all nice to look at. In addition i have a message for you from a lady in Africa(SIERRA LEONE) while vacationing there i talked abuot you been my favourrit tennis player, to the extend that when ever you are playing a game, and you happen to make a mistake and put the ball in the net, there is a sudden rise in all my vital signs which include temperature, pulse and respiration. The message from the lady is she needs help for her 25 orphans she camped during the Sierra Leone civil War, in any form clothing,food, household materials, and money to supportthe children.


The ad is working perfectly. It is cheaper to view on internet, without having to pay T.V rights. A perfect marketing strategy...Well done.


Yall hate so much serena is what d boys want shes sexy dark skinned beauty wit hips n ass sumthin beyonce fugly fucken tasteless ad commercial ad dnt have and her fans soft like her where serena is real and so am i we will bust heads fuck yall self rightious pricks!


Yall quit hating especially chris she looks great, HATERS get a life


Desperation at its finest. Sad, sad. A classless, soft-porn commercial to advertise a game rated "E" for everyone . Is that nastiness included IN the game, because it if is, the game needs to be pulled.


So sick of the race crap! ( Y ) Do I need to cast a biased eye and count tha brathas an da sistahs on tv? Haters go do the dougie... Then separate yourselves from whitey some more fukin porch monkeys


i dont think its too hot for tv. i think its nasty. shes nasty and so is the other girl. like come on seriously. do people have no standards. ewwww. serena looks like a man. maybe she would be good for prisoners but not here


This ad worked for me. She is too Hot for the AD.
I watched it 8 times in a row. LOVED IT!! And that NATURAL body is a work of art, Nice full Breast, and a butt and hips...?
this is how a woman should look, and she can play sports very well.
Any MAN thinking she is not attractive, is just not into (real) women.
Any WOMAN thinking she is not attractive, is just a HATER. WORD!!!