Megan Fox and Rafael Nadal for Armani: Hot!

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Armani has something to offer both genders in its latest ad campaign.

In one (HOT!) corner, we have Megan Fox modeling the company's line of lingerie. In the other (SIZZLING!) corner, there's tennis star Rafael Nadal rocking the brand's jeans.

This guy won a Grand Slam title on three surfaces in 2010, meaning he can go for a long time in a variety of styles, ladies. Oooohhh, yeah! As for Fox... this is just ridiculous...

Foxy for Armani
Rafael Nadal for Armani

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Please spell Rafa's name right. It is RAFAEL NADAL. There are all sorts of, um, interesting variations going on in comments.


the temp. just went up here... RAFA is soooooo hot!


You guys are retarded if you think she is to skinny. You'd be complaining if she had meat on her bones and say she was to fat to do this add! Get over yourself. If you don't like the photo. DON'T comment.


I agree with her being too skinny. Plus, the ads make her look her best. When you see candid shots of her, like on the beach or something, she doesn't impress. She looks really skinny and lanky. Plus all those tattoos to me are nasty. Not feminine at all.


thank you for posting! both are gorgeous but Nadel is so HOT in this shot!


Omg I said the same she is pretty but she damn skinny..she all bones..


She is too damn skinny! How do men even find that attractive?

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