Scotty McCreery Basks in "Country Comfort"

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Was there any doubt Scotty McCreery would take on "Country Comfort" last night?

As the young artist himself said, it's Elton John's only country single, and he's an aspiring country singer, after all.

Randy loves the performance, which includes a shout-out to Scotty's grandmother, but a similar dilemma faces McCreery that faces Thia Megia: will he need to mix up his song choices if he hopes to go all the way? Or is natural, impressive talent all one needs, even if such talent is only ever presented within the same genre?


Sweet boy, with nice country chops, but he does not blow me away like some of the others.


Do better Scotty!


he's the best with a smiling face while singing. a very powerful voice shannon.


i kinda agree with you jeff, hes good and all but a.i. wont make him famous. i dont personally like his style but he'll do good in the country world.


Scotty has a gift to sing country music and to be honest i wouldnt want him to stray away from this. changing it up will do him no good. he is growing so much each week by the time this ends he will be ready to hit the big time and start recording hit records. i think he will win this competition very easily but i wonder if it wouldnt be better for him to finish 2nd or 3rd so he isnt bound to any record label and he can sign with a big country label that will help him produce some unforgetable songs.

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