Rebecca Black Speaks on Lady Gaga, Earthquake Relief

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She's hated on by millions, beloved by Lady Gaga and parodied by Conan O'Brien.

But one thing is certain: 13-year old Rebecca Black is an Internet and television sensation.

The rising, controversial star sat down with Entertainment Weekly to speak on a number of topics, including one heartfelt cause...

On donating YouTube and iTunes proceeds to earthquake/tsunami relief in Japan: I felt really bad about it. I’ve always wanted to do something about all natural disasters, and I realized now is my big opportunity where I can really help.

On props from Gaga: That’s so cool! I feel so star-struck, even though I haven’t met her. It’s so surreal, it’s so crazy. I was just listening to “Born this Way.” I really love all of her songs, I have almost every song of hers on my iPod and I think she’s really a lyrical genius. Her songs are just so upbeat and fun and catchy.

On how she parties: Just really being with friends and having fun. Dancing — that’s really what I do at parties. I dance and I hang out with friends. That’s my partying.

On her favorite artists: Justin Bieber, Katy Perry, Rihanna... Justin Bieber I find an inspiration overall: I love his music, he’s adorable and I love that he’s so young and so big. And Rihanna, how she came out of the Chris Brown thing so strong, that is amazing to me.

On future songs: Dance anthem-like stuff, very teen-like pop songs, stuff like that.


i agree w freespirit114


Unless the girl is locked in a tower 24/7 im pretty sure she knows she's a joke to a lot of people....Sorry to say it but most of ya'll aren't that discreet ;) She's having fun, and doesn't seem like she's affected by the negativity people have thrown at her.It's like she's embrcing the hate and just goin forth anyway that my confidence.Not making fun of some innocent 13 year old girl. and if you don't like it... Ear buds man. :) great invention . Sure it has Syupidly hilarious lyrics, but fun to listen to. Personally i don't think its any worse than the stuff by Kesha or Katy Perry. " Do you ever feel like a plastic bag?!?!?!"


@freespirit::i think ur right,and i agree with u....poor rebecca -_- :(


she even fails at lip syncing, awesome...


I have to agree with @freespirit114


This girl reminds me of a less talented William Hung and obviously nobody is taking her seriously. How can you? The celebrities such as Lady Gaga who are defending (encouraging) her are only doing it so that they get good pr. Those type of celebrities are the worst because they are fake. PS - What the hell is cyber-bullying? 15 years ago that's all the internet was and it wasn't a big deal simply because the people didn't take themselves so damn seriously as people do these days. Basically, people need to get over themselves and stop being so insecure. You will live a much longer and happier life.


This child is only 13! She did this whole thing in an attempt to become famous! Even she knows that it is not talent that made her first video go viral but her lack of talent that made people watch. Where in the heck are her parents? Why are they letting this happen when they (and most of the world) know she is just a joke? When this little girl gets her heart broken because she finally sees people are not behind her but instead making fun of her will her parents defend the choice to allow her to go on TV and make more of a joke of herself? She is too young to understand that not all "fame" is good but her parents should. She is way to young to understand how this is going to play out and that she is going to be slammed over and over again. However her parents should know and see that and put a stop to this to protect their daughter. Shame on them if they do not.


I completelt agree with you... people have turned into cyber bullies. It's just plain sad.


This is the first time I have heard the song, I have heard all of the hoopla surrounding it but never actually judged for myself until now. What a shame that people, so many people, hiding behind their computers screens of course, trashed this girl. She is only 13 for goodness sake. She didn't murder anyone, she's not out causing trouble. I would say for only being 13 she's a very polite, nice young lady. Which just goes to show that she wins in this situation because I would rather be a nice girl than a hate spewing jerk on a computer. The song isn't perfect but she's having fun and personally I'd rather watch and listen to her than half of the garbage that is out on pop radio today. Best of luck to her.


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