Lady Gaga: Rebecca Black is a Genius!

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Is Rebecca Black is the worst singer in human history? Is "Friday" only "good" because it is so, SO beyond bad? Are you laughing at her, and loving it?

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    autotune playback crap !!


    Why would Lady Gaga claim that Rebecca Black is a genius? A Genius in what way? Rebecca had no creative control over her song, the song was written by someone else well before she came along and the song doesn't fully have her full voice performance because it was altered later on.

    By Genious I assume Gaga actually meant 'rich enougth for your mommy to pay your way into the industry'


    Ew] I Hate you GAGA !!


    if you watched the whole interview before this part, Lady Gaga stated she has never heard of Rebecca Black or the song!


    Has lady gaga even heard 'friday'? When she does, she will regret that she ever said that


    The only reason I can think that people call Gaga "mother monster" is that she's the mother load of fugliness! I seriously rather be caught on fire then to bow down to that retarded freak! This article is actually more retarded then Caca her self.


    Lady Gaga is so fucking stupid. Mother monster??? Well she does look like a monster. Rebecca's song has worser lyrics then actual singing in my honest opinion and yet Gaga says she's a fucking genius, Gaga just feels for her.


    eehh if u didnt cut the previous seconds of the video we'd clearly see that gaga doesn't even know who rebecca black is


    RE: Chris

    I don't know what Lady GaGa you've been exposed to but Lady GaGa has a whopper of a voice, uses little to no autotune (and when she does, she doesn't need it - have you HEARD her live?!) and her lyrics, though flowery, beat the typical pop songs that use trite phrases like "in the club", "something something tonight", "Mr. DJ" and the ever-famous "on the floor".


    Wow really? Rebecca black is the worst singer ever! Gaga probably said tht cuz she felt sorry for the little maggot or she was high on drugs ...

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