Move Over, Rebecca Black: Conan O'Brien Celebrates "Thursday"!

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Lady Gaga says Rebecca Black is a genius. We're not sure about that, but she sure is ... something. The poster child for an entirely new genre of music, perhaps.

Black's hit song did not become a hit because it's good. HECK no. It only has tens of millions of views because it's just too perplexing/amazing not to share.

On the day before the now-celebrated weekly holiday that made Black famous, Conan O'Brien one-ups the Internet phenom with a terrific parody of "Friday."

It's called ... wait for it ... "Thursday." Watch after the jump:


better then da original


That's awesome! Coco is always so funny!


parodied by the great heckler Conan, wow Rebecca is now a famous celebrity courtesy of cyberbullies. Good for you girl, all this cyberbullying has earned money and popularity or should i say notoriety. Yet its all turning roses for you. My my i bet your detractors are green with envy. I hope you make it kid!


Music amongst the ranks of Debussy's Clair de Lune.


this is awesome really i was rofl when i watch that

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