Kim Kardashian Officially Debuts First Single: Listen Now!

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Prepare your earplugs, THG readers, Kim Kardashian has officially released her first single.

The star, who teased the upcoming music video for "Jam (Turn It Up)" with a photo on her blog this week, appeared on Ryan Seacrest's radio show today and said she was nervous to have the whole world listen to her collaboration with producer The-Dream.

And for good reason. It's awful. Seriously awful. So awful it makes Britney Spears sound like Celine Dion. A portion of the proceeds from sales will be donated to the St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital, so we don't wish to discourage people from downloading it.

Still, consider yourself warned: Kim's singing makes her reality show acting look Oscar-worthy...


It is good 2 know that there are people who hate her insanity.i blame d mother who trade her daughter 4 cash.


You all are just jelous, way to go kim im all for it!


why does it always sound like she sedated? lame song, lame person..i want those 30 seconds of my life back! (i'm sure as hell not going to listen to that whole poop fest!) lol


LOOOOLLLLL Dan that shit made me laugh so hard!!!
Props 2 u bro!


Terrible just plain terrible, the dream proves not only is he a fat cheating b*stard but he has no pride in his craft of music production and will sell out at the thought of making a bit of publicity from Kimmy the whore, Hype Williams is a world renowed video director who has worked with the best in music and has lowered his standards, Kanye West obviously is the biggest douchelord on the planet to even suggest that Kim enters a recording studio! SMH Kim must have been giving a round of blow jobs that day!


Omg music is dead people just give you money to at judes she saying she's donateing the Money cuz she knows we hate it and is trying to make up oh kimmie u want to do it all please I'm so sick of you your everywhere Paris sounds better then her!!!


I actually love this song :) Would love to hear her real voice thou :)


I listened about 30 seconds too many and now my ears are bleeding.


Come on now it wasnt that bad................HAHAHAHAHAA yeaa big lieee! Love the kardashians and all but kim should never be praised for whatever that was. Hahahaha!


Hello?? Can anyone hear me?? I think im deaf from listening to that crap. That was gog awful. I mean the songs not that bad. Maybe if it was Rihanna or someone good singing it it wouldnt be that bad. But shes so tone deaf that it just sounds like nails on a chalk board. Why is she famous again?? Oh yeah thats right, she made a porn and shes hott. Stick to what your good at sweetheart. You have no talent as a singer. GIVE IT UP!

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