Jenelle Evans: Paid to Pound Britany Truett?

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The girl who helped instigate Teen Mom 2 star Jenelle Evans' fight with Britany Truett that got her arrested claims Jenelle stands to make money off the melee.

Brittany Maggard claims Jenelle only fought Truett because Maggard, Maggard's sister, and their pal Nick - who had the camera that taped it - "had her back."

After Jenelle beat Truett's ass, Maggard says she and Nick came up with the idea to sell the video, which Jenelle Evans said was a "good idea" and pursued.

Jenelle Evans Mugshot

According to Maggard, the Teen Mom train wreck got in touch with "someone she knows at a [photo] agency to purchase the video," which sold for $5,000.

Jenelle wanted a bigger cut of that than her co-conspirators because, as she said, "You wouldn't get any money if I wasn't famous!" So true and well put.

The video shows Evans pushed by Maggard toward Truett, who she accused of making a pass at her ex Kieffer Delp. Jenelle pounded her senseless.

As we told you earlier in the week, Jenelle's lawyer believes she was set up by Maggard and others who orchestrated the fight solely to cash in.

He tells TMZ that "I am very happy with [Jenelle Evans'] position. We are investigating the case and we will be ready for court on April 26."


White trash that's all I have to say and another thing I really hope janelle's mother got paid from MTV and not Janelle because she isn't raising that poor baby and thank god for her mother stepping in or who knows where he would be!! Janelle needs to grow up and start acting like a mother maybe alittle jail time wouldn't hurt not like she's doing anything productive on the outside atleast she would have an excuse for being an absent parent!!!


thats a deadly fight but iv seen worse ! ha that blonde girl got kilt ha that brown haired girl sure knows how to fight and she shudnt get arrested because she was defending herself and its just a fight u shudnt get arrested 4 her just cos the blonde girl cant fight 4 her life


she needs to go to jail and stay in jail. this was so for publicity and not what i mother should be doing, getting in troubler over an EX boyfriend like that? really? she needs a new crowd of friends as well cause those losers she hangs out with are nothing close to a good envirement for her child and not a good influance on her. i have no sympathy for Janelle, she cried for 2 hours after the tape was sold? only because now there's proof sent world wide of her being a violent person. the fact that she starts a fight because that retard of a friend brittany pushed her shows how easily influanced she is and she is clearly a danger to the public and her child. after being in jail once, you'd think you'd learn. hell, you'd think she would have learned after losing custody of her child!


She needs to be in jail so she can see wat could happend 2 her if this keeps happening let her see all those bad azz girls in jail then that would change her mind


Juh-nelle needs to be someones bitch in jail! She shouldn't have chose reefer I mean kieffer over jace!


LOL famous for what? Opening her legs and popping out a baby she doesn't take care of?


Soooooooo pointless! PUbLiciTy is All they want.....


This shows their level of intelligence. They spent that $5,000 plus some just to bail their stupid asses out of jail, now add court costs and fines, they will be in the hole when all is said and done. Way to go girls, brilliant idea!!! FAIL!!!!!

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