Brittany Maggard Arrested For Instigating Jenelle Evans Fight

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Brittany Maggard, who triggered Jenelle Evans' POUNDING of some girl she suspected of messing around with her ex, was arrested Tuesday afternoon.

The charge for Brittany? Violating her probation.

All she did was push Jenelle in the direction of beating recipient Britany Truett, but that's all it took for Maggard to get on the wrong side of her P.O.

Brittany Maggard Mug Shots

When the Teen Mom fight first posted on TMZ, the Department of Corrections of North Carolina set the wheels in motion to yank her probation ASAP.

She's on probation for assault. The terms of her freedom require her to obey all laws. If the DOC determines she's not, well, it's their call to pop her.

Brittany is bitter, saying it's not fair she's in more trouble than the other girls in the fight and all she did was push Jenelle. She says she's "terrified."

Of course, she was on probation for a previous ASSAULT CONVICTION, so it's hard to be sympathetic. That and she admitted instigating the brawl.

In any case, she's now free on $5,000 bond.


I think this shit is being way over done. I don't see you guys posting stuff bout all the other teen moms who fight. Your just doing it caused this girls are on tv. Why don't you think bout that. Cause even if they didn't have kids girl beat fuck out of eachother all the time and it don't get get this much shit. And Janelle does need to grow up and be better mom. That she has to choice to do on her own. You guys just see what's on tv not what's not. I think tv show is great it makes teens realize its hard to have kids and still have life.and I don't think it makes em a whore to have kids your saying that cause there young. Ha if young people didn't have kids there would be a lot less people who couldn't have kids with out like my mother. You guys need to grow up and stop giving so much people shit. Your judging people and yet you don't want to be judged think bout that before posting hateful stuff


i think this stupid bitch needs really keep her hands to herself but does she hell no she needs to grow the hell up like jenelle does also jenelle needs to grow her ass up...iam happy her mom has the baby not her the baby devere much better and a better life..


Illegals have Anchor babies and Teen Moms have welfare babies!


While Americans sing God Bless America, the rest of the world sings Thank God Im not American!!


A classic case of Girls Gone Wild!!


How about this you stupid whiny twit, keep your legs closed and your hands and mouth to yourself and you wouldn't be in any trouble! Your in more trouble then the other girls because you didn't learn the first time you got arrested for assult, so you got probation then turned around and put your hand on someone else! I hope they lock you up and take your child away! Glamorizing these little hoochies who can't keep their legs closed by giving them a TV show is disgusting!

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