Elizabeth Taylor Jewelry Collection Likely To Be Auctioned Off

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At the time of her passing, Elizabeth Taylor may have possessed the most elegant jewelry collection on the planet.

So, what will happen to a set that's been valued at over $150 million? Sources tell People it will likely go to auction at Christie's in New York.

Liz Taylor

“She had the most amazing eye,” says Peter Sedghi, President/CEO of Luxury Jewels in Beverly Hills. “When you would show her stones, she would tell you the origin, if it’s good quality, bad quality, where it came from."

Taylor collected all kinds of stones, but she had a unique place in her heart for diamonds. They dated back to her life as an iconic actress.

“The studios, in order to make her happy, they’d always give her jewelry," says friend Lorraine Schwartz. "She grew up collecting it. People always gave her gifts... it was something that she learned to love.”

Among the star's most treasured items? A 69-carat Taylor-Burton diamond, purchased for over $1 million; and a 33-carat Krupp diamond, given to her by fifth husband, Richard Burton.


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@ Hilton Hater: Thank you for a photo of Dame Elizabeth that I had Not seen.She loved jewelry and knew how to shine in it. Elizabeth said years ago, that you do Not own jewelry, that you are a curator of the fine pieces of jewelry that you are able to wear. Elizabeth had 2 adult son and 2 adult daughters who were Not as interested in jewelry as she was. I will Not be surprised that her family members have already been well taken care of, and the auctioning of her jewelry will live on, and help to support many of her charities. Other that a couple of Beverly Hill Housewives, jewelry will Never be on display again like it was worn with Dame Elizabeth Taylor!!