Dr. Conrad Murray Blames Dr. Arnold Klein For Michael Jackson Drug Addiction

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Charged with involuntary manslaughter, Dr. Conrad Murray will likely argue that Michael Jackson killed himself with a lethal dose of Propofol.

Even if that were true (and it's a stretch), it still wouldn't get Murray off the hook. The treatment he gave MJ was suspect for myriad reasons.

To that end, Murray's lawyers just filed documents pointing fingers at none other than Dr. Arnold Klein - Jackson's longtime doctor and friend.

Murray claims that Klein addicted Jackson to Demerol and other powerful narcotics. It's part of his plan to establish Michael as a lost cause physically.

Murray's legal team claims Klein fueled MJ's addiction as recently as 2009 by giving him scores of Demerol injections in the months prior to his death.

He may have a point there. In the months before Jackson died, Dr. Arnold Klein gave Jackson 51 Demerol injections. But is it relevant to the case?

The docs claim it is for this reason: "Due to Mr. Klein's actions, Mr. Jackson became physiologically and psychologically dependent on Demerol."

Murray's team says Dr. Arnold Klein, who is also the rumored biological father of MJ's kids Paris and Prince, "is a relevant, highly material witness."

Dr. Conrad Murray ...


That kid(prince) looks just like Klein. What I don't understand is how in the heck did Klein and Debbie talk MJ into raising jewish kids that arn't his blood and leaving his fortune to them?Klein turned MJ into a junkie!


Naturally Harry Friedberg, a Jew, doesn't want Dr. Arnold Klein, also Jewish, to be charged EVER for his role in supplying Michael with drugs. Even though it was he who may have gotten the singer "hooked" on the mess. And, of course, everyone this side of the moon knows that Jews are all about money, and that Klein didn't care anything about Michael, but loved his money. Jackson, himself, said that Jews were "leeches" that were ripping him off for all of his money. --- Rev. George Brooks


Personally it doesnt matter whether or not Michael adminstered the fatal dose of Propofol himself. What matters is the fact that Dr.Murray was negligent in caring for Michael. If he knew that Michael was "addicted to" medications then why didnt he take it upon himself to closely monitor him instead of being a selfish a** b**ch and leaving him unsupervised. And how can you really be a doctor and not know that you can't adminster cpr on a patient while in bed. I just hope that justice is served in this case and those that are responsible for his death is put behind bars. REST IN PEACE MICHAEL AND YOU ARE FOREVER IN MY HEART!!! :'(


Question: Doc, did you or did you not kill michael jackson? All we need is simple yes or no. Gbam!


Conrad Murray will be blaming everyone else except himself for the clearly avoidable & preventable death of Michael Jackson. It is up to the DA & the jury to put the blame squarely where it belongs... on Conrad Murray's shoulders.


well it's a good thing this site is colored pink and titled hollywood gossip because that's just what this piece is, hollywood gossip. not a shred of evidence to support anything printed here. just innuendo and distortion. where is your evidence for the 51 demorol injections? why wasn't demerol found in Jackson's toxicology report? why is TMZ the only source for this info? and how in the world does this diminish Murray's responsibility? he still failed to monitor his patient while administering a drug that requires constant patient monitoring. had he properly resuscitated his patient, there would not have been an issue. can't you make money off of justin bieber instead of spreading gossip about a homicide victim????


what's this rumor of who's the father of michael jackson kid's has to do with murray pointing the finger at klein of mike's death he refuse to take an DNA test y b/c his not the father i don't care what anybody says

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