Chris Brown Denies Smoking Weed and Driving

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Chris Brown deserved a lot of the criticism he received for what he did to Rihanna two years ago, but people are just itching to jump on him for anything.

First there was the twisted "mishap" remark. Now it's a story and photo of the R&B star driving and smoking that caused an uproar in the last few days.

The short version is that celebrity news and photo agency X17 Online implied Brown was smoking a marijuana joint while driving. That would be bad.

Too bad (for the haters) that it wasn't true.

Chris Brown, Blonde Hair

Brown's rep, in no uncertain terms, flatly squashed the site's report and clarified the singer's actions. Soon enough, the photo in question was taken down.

"The report made by X17 Online on March 14, 2011, headlining ‘Is Chris Brown Half-Baked Behind The Wheel?' is false," his rep exclusively told E! News.

"The picture shows Chris Brown with a Davidoff mini natural pack mild cigarillo. The same cigar he held in the photo of his In My Zone mixtape CD cover."

There you go. A legal substance (as was the salvia being smoked in the Miley Cyrus bong video) and another false bit of Chris Brown gossip debunked.


yes it's right he is a grown man and can do what he wants, but yall don't see the point here.. he's on probation still and if he gets caught smoking weed yall know whats goin down.


he is a grown man he can do what he wants and so what if he did have a splif of weed what are you going to do about it? ..... loads of people take drugs every day and worse ones than weed but you don't judge them do you no.


Chris Browns did start smoking and his music and appearance changed when he did. he makes high man music now. and plus u gotta be one high dude to put Buzz lightyear on a chain......BAKED!
high man level also makes Snoop dog say things like yaba daba do. and Waka Flocka to shake his dreads left and right.


A cigar with some weed in that shit, so chris brown got baked, he grown. So he got baked then drove, a lot of artists and everyday people do the exact same thing some do it WHILE driving leave him alone he's not a nickelodeon celebrity no more he's his own person, he's an adult


it was obviously weed but who the hell cares. ITS WEED he wasn't doing coke, get off his sack


WTF!!!...Let him grow up he is a grown ass man last time i checked he wuz 22 nt 16 dumb asses. To me i straight up think this some racist shit cause they aint say none of this shit when paris hilton ass had crack in her purse so shut the fuck up. As for Christopher i would suggest tented windows or a driver,,,LOL!SMH! But do you i aint mad you good i still support you a hundred and ten percent kaye... By the way you have the most prettiest smile ever...!!!;-)


chris brown is the best for Ensim of all chris brown do not have the urge to smoke that shit because people are shiny like chris brown chris healthy people is a very bright and excellent career I am one of his fans and defend the like his other followers of all the people who want to hurt chris brown chris brown because it is a very talented star com only one has the right to speak ill of siiiii chris brown is better and it will remain breezy team siiiii Up or chris brown is the best team breezy yeahhhh


chris brown es el mejor por ensima de todos chris brown no tiene la necesidad de fumar esa mierda porque las personas brillantes como chris son personas sanas chris brown es una persona muy brillante y con una carrera exelente yo soy uno de sus fans y lo defendere al igual que sus otros seguidores de todas la personas que le quieran hacer daño a chris brown porque chris brown es una estrella unica com mucho talento nadie tiene el derecho a hablar mal del chris brown es mejor siiiii y lo seguira siendo arribaa team breezy siiiii chris brown es el mejor


Ok for 1 Chris is a grown ass man who kan do wtf he wants, for 2 he's a human being which means he has a right to do human things, for 3 there are so many celebs that smoke weed & nobody jumps on their kase about it so y everybody on his head? & last but not least STOP RIDIN HIS DICK!!!! DAMN.... Follow me @prettyimperfekt :)


Yea Chris Brown smokes mini sweetas to the roaches// my asssss. that nigga was cheifin on a blizzzzunt


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