Casey Abrams Performs an American Idol First

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Casey Abrams made American Idol history last night.

The bearded, talented finalist became the first contestant to ever cover a Nirvana single, putting his unique spin on "Smells Like Teen Spirit." It wasn't the greatest performance of the evening - that honor likely fell to Stefano Langone - but you have to give Casey props to taking such a risk.

The judges and the crowd certainly did. What did you make of this heavy metal rendition?


that to me was not very good... hes got a great rock voice when he does the screamy parts but they rest was way too shaky.


i love his fearless rendition of Kurt Cobain. yeah, it may not be within the caliber of the late Kurt Cobain but seems Casey was possessed somewhat of his spirit. have you noticed how Casey's eyes seems like a different person when he sang? *LOL* but i love it. go Casey!!!


didnt watch but when will people learn that Nirvana is one band that is never meant to be covered. Kurt Cobain was and remains to this day one of the greatest musicians to have graced this planet.


Love his performance last nite!! He did great with this song :) Hope he goes far!!

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